Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 5 – Them Shrooms

The cyclops girls. I was like what the actual hell. They like their eyes touched and they cum out of their eyes. The girls with the bigger eyes have more self esteem than the ones with smaller eyes, because bigger eyes can use more magic or something and the cyclops society prizes them more.

I would afraid to have sex with a cyclops, because of the huge eyes staring at me. I hate when someone is staring me too hard during sex. especially if their eyes aren’t symmetrical or they are too thirsty. I would freak out!!!!

But I might give a small eyes cyclops with big boobs a try, like Stunk and Zel, but I’m afraid of those big eyed ones. Scary!

I love how they trying to figure out who paid them, but its just a cyclops girl who wanted to see if anyone liked cyclops girls with small eyes. That’s alot of money to figure that out XD BUT AT LEAST SHE FOUND OUT. I wonder what she gonna do with this information tho. Probably be more confident!

She looked like she had malicious intent when they first showed her and she looked like some creepy dude XD

Ku Klux Klan???

The mushroom girls(myconids)….oooooh. That really got me. There was so many different kinds and they all looked super hot. To be honest, if they are mushroom girls, what do they taste like. I love mushrooms especially shittake cooked in soy sauce, onions, and garlic.

Stunks gooey mushroom girls were super hot. To be covered in slime while I get fucked, ohhh. Zel’s she-take myconids, you can suck their tits and get their milk. Lulou, got brown beech mushrooms who kinda reminded me of cute lolis. Then Crim got the fuzzy mushroom girl who spores came out in steam/fog/clouds? The area must have been hot and steamy, which is sensation of shower sex.

The brothel house mom, she was so confused when she got to Crim, I love how she made it work without saying she doesn’t know. She guess everyone else right, which is due to her years as being the house mom and being a sex worker.

Questions about myconids: How do their spores work? They mention about how there is multiple of them their spores created them. I’m not a bio major man XD but we just learned about endospores in MicroBio( those aren’t the mushroom spores) I need to do some research on mushrooms.

I love how Zel just wanted to pick some normal mushrooms, but Crim made it sexual. He’s falling into the gutter too. That’s what happens to all my friends when they hang out with me too often. They start making sexual jokes and talking about sex. I’m a weirdo. Somehow, I’m the most sexually experienced person in my general friend group. I wish someone would take that crown from me, my friends need that good action.

Everytime I watch Reviewers, I feel super jealous, but at the same time, I have no sexual action in my life right now, so I’m enjoying the hentai. I have been reading Lezhin too, which has some quality pornwha’s on it. I have paid for only some of them, but seriously they need to make them books. I’m more likely to pay if they are physical items man.

Do I sound lonely? YES!

Is this fun? EXTREMELY FUN!

Chance of Watching the show next week: 99.9% chance unless I can’t put in a urinary catheter right.

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  1. Crims gal was the best I bet her spores smelled nice/made them feel so good that’s the kinda monster girl I’d love to try

  2. Reviewer Episode 7 might be a little late! Attending a family function!!!!!! Enjoy the Episode!

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