Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 – A Dream “Come” True

YESSSSSSSSSS, is all I can say!!! This is a whole dream come true! I want to build my own girl/guy and fuck them (thank God I’m bisexual, so I can do that!!!!). They got to pick from different parts of the girls and make something good. The problem is that you have to be good at crafting, which I wouldn’t be good at.

But the implications are high, like they showed in the show when they built Mideri and they had sexual thoughts of her and she got mad XD Also, she was crafted so good, wouldn’t they put her in pre-made spot, so her puppet can be fucked by a bunch of men??

Can golems just change their bodies left and right??? I wonder because they look like they are made of wood. And whats with the personality cores, do they put it personality cores also?

And the vagina and dick pieces. What the actual fuck? They are fucking creatures, that’s nasty to me. They are like worms, but its worth it. EEEENO!!!

I would totally make my crush with slightly better features. To be honest, but then I feel weird with destructing them. It’s super weird. What if your crush doesn’t like you and you make a puppet to have them fuck you every night. I’m cringing in my seat.  What if the person has no attraction to you (like they are asexual or gay or something) and you make a puppet to fuck you… so weird, but it also explores about who you want the person to be.

I’ll explore that in my imagination for now, I’ll fuck people I like that probably do not like me back in my head XD

Then the light place. That was an interesting concept, where you can barely see anything and you get fucked with a bunch of people next to you. It’s creepy to be honest. I’m a voyeur and I like to see what other people do in the bedroom, but when it’s someone watching me, I’m like hell no. I would be afraid if someone was watching me having sex with other people. But at the same time, I would be too involved with my own sex to notice all the other people around me. When the sex is good, you forget about everything around. You forget everything for a short moment. The point is that if you’re having a good time you won’t notice. But since I’m a voyeur, I would probably look around and watch a bunch of people fuck a bunch of girls. I don’t really care if they are ugly or old, I just want to see. I’m super curious.

OOOOOH, he tryna get that threesome action. But that would be me too.

Probably I would be like Crim, tho. I would freak out to think someone else saw me do it with someone else. I also get depressed if too many people are down. Like Crim gets sick when he gets around to much darkness. It’s probably an angel thing.

The fucking fan subs, they subbed the OP and I’m fucking crying. They did that the last episode and I was dead. What the actual hell!!!!!

They also changed the ending a bit, but I didn’t watch all of it XD I just noticed man.

Chance of Watching Next Again: 99.9% unless I finish this 2 page essay on why I love my major

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