Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 7- Laying my Disbelief Down

It’s the seventh episode and I’m still like what the fuck is happening man??? Like I’m so astonished what is shown on this show. Not like “ooof, I don’t like this”, but like an ” oof, what the hell, this is interesting!”

This whole episode was about laying eggs, and I was like ewwww, thats kinda gross. But it’s kinda like my period, so how gross can get be. We basically get rid of an egg during our period, but we bleed instead of it all coming out at once, so whack…



Then I thought to myself, do guys/girls like to watch girls on their period? So I looked i up and got what deserved XD

I guess people are into to it. I’m not particularly into it, my period is painful and I don’t like it. I just would like to bleed and have no pain. But I do like to play with the clots and since I use menstrual disc and I can just take the clots out and play with them. I don’t know if I want to do that on other people because that may be creepy.

Do I want to eat my own clots? I haven’t tried yet, and I should tho!


The reptiles and birds ‘pooping’ ( is there a nicer way to say it? I don’t know!!!!) out their eggs was interesting. I find it interesting how the laminas and mermaids were into it, they eat eggs, so it makes sense. But I volunteered a museum that is a farm when I was younger and watching the chicken ‘poop’ out eggs made me feel weird about eating them( I got over it eventually, after a week or so). It just makes it feel gross….ugh.

But he was drinking the frog eggs and someone in the forum said it reminded them of boba tea. I was kinda grossed out man after that. I love boba tea except almost choking on bobas because I’m an idiot XD( don’t get boba tea when you are actually thirsty)


Also, about the ‘pooping’ out 3 eggs when you don’t masturbate. Thats an interesting concept. If that theory works, if I have sex every week, my period should get better? I’ll take it!!!!!

The egg laying thing reminded of stripping, and how you aren’t supposed to touch the ladies even if you are giving a lap dance( the lap dance part is up to the strippers discretion). They were nah, don’t touch her. I find that interesting. I also wonder if there is strip clubs, there probably is and they should visit one as a short.


Let’s not forget about the rankings of the women. That was interesting. I heard it was based on the manga magazine poll, so this is old as fuck and the anime viewers got a totally different experience than the manga readers. I haven’t read the manga yet because I haven’t had time.

The rankings make sense to me, but the fairy at the top surprised me. The small fairy was the viewers top choice XD but it did seem hot to have her rub on you. The fairy also said she does men who have 8cm( 3inch) dicks or less. I’m like micropenises??? hahahahaha XD(our society is too brutal with men with micropenises)

Chance of Watching Next Week: 99.9999% unless my doctors appointment goes wrong XD

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  1. Hope you’re appointment goes well cuz I love your review’s almost as much as the episode

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