Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 5: I Can Only Wait

This episode was just another of the usual stuff. Silly idol stuff, more of the popularity ranking drama, more sexual tension between Yumeri and Maki (though I enjoy that), and Eripiyo and Maina continuing not being able to speak to each other and only having more misunderstandings piling up on them. Honestly I’m starting to get really frustrated with this show. With each episode Eripiyo and Maina can’t communicate normally, the closer I am to losing my mind. At this point it’s just getting really silly, and Aya is also at fault here for also not explaining things properly.

I’m just never a fan of a show being full of misunderstandings. It’s cheap, it’s dumb, and it’s very frustrating. It’s just one thing after another with these two, and I find it hilarious that Maina just can’t piece two and two together. Well, for one thing, while Aya screwed up for opening her big mouth she still should have properly explained things to Maina so she wouldn’t feel so bad. Second, can’t Maina see that Eripiyo has, oh I don’t know, A BROKEN LEG. Yeah, why do you think she can’t buy more CDs and vote for you more? C’mon Maina, you can do it, you can figure it out. I was hoping that she would, but then she kept hearing fans talk about Eripiyo switching to being an Aya stan, possibly being those fans that only like the least popular ones. I can kinda see the doubt, but come on. Eripiyo has a broken leg, which means she can’t work most jobs, which means limited money. Eripiyo was even considering selling her organs and she even says this in front of Maina, even asking her which one is the least useful. But I guess Maina is in another world or…kinda dumb, and she just can’t figure it out. And it’s driving me insane. It’s not cute, it’s not funny anymore, and it’s definitely not entertaining. Again, no progress is being made at all with their relationship and we’re reaching the halfway point. There was only a slight semblance of progress last week and it came in the form of Maina thanking Eripiyo for supporting her. It’s so minuscule that it kinda barely counts as progress but I’m taking what I can get. But yes, this is my biggest gripe in the show and it’s a really big one because the show spends so much time these two and yet it’s the weakest part of the show. I liked seeing Maina practicing in front of the mirror, because I’m sure a lot of us have done this. I’d hope she’d get the courage to speak up, but nope. And I wish Eripiyo would be more forward and less…weird, in the things she says. Maina isn’t too fast on the uptake unfortunately. At least she gave her the dango!

The scene in the maid cafe was pretty funny, and I couldn’t help but laugh at Aya putting salmon in the parfait. It sure made Eripiyo happy, but I hope she didn’t really eat it. That sounds really gross. We also got more of the drama between Yumeri and Maki, which I actually do like. Yumeri continues to worry about taking Maki’s place in the top three and it’s killing her on the inside, but Maki seems to encourage her being in the top. The rankings change again and Yume makes it to third. At their concert, one of her fans screams in joy for her and the girls have the idea to perform their song in the current ranking order. Yume was afraid of taking Maki’s place since she loved watching Maki, but once she was in the front and saw the happy faces of the fans and the pretty lights, it kind of changed it all for her. But in the end, she admitted to Maki that she still wants to remain in the back. And I thought it was so cute that Maki was buying Yumeri’s CDs and voting for her in secret, and it led up to Maki using the handshake tickets to have a sweet moment with her. It was super adorable and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. It was also cool that we got another song/performance from Cham Jam but…the animation was kinda bad this time around. I think it was a mix of 2d and 3d for this one and it looked very off and weird, so RIP.

With all the popularity ranking talk, it made me wonder which Cham Jam girl is my favorite. And it’s hard to say because I kind of like them all, except for Maina which sounds mean to say but it’s true. Maina really lacks personality while the rest of the girls have traits that I like. I can’t really pick a single favorite but I like Reo’s caring personality and positivity, I like Maki’s cool but kind personality, and Aya is adorable and makes me laugh a lot. Don’t know which of them I’d stan though. I just won’t sell my organs for them. Also props to Eripiyo’s mom for not lending her money. No need to enable that lol


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