Overflow Episode 5 – Three Cheers for Three Years

That was perfect!!! They did the standing up positions that I love. I was wondering when they were going to do it and a locker room is a perfect place to do it because you can’t lie down. I thought it was super hot when he was fucking her behind and how she fell to the floor after he did it.

But a locker room at a school is the most dangerous place to have sex. First of all, her comrades on the cheer leading team could have caught her and that would have been a whole thing. Second of a teacher could have caught them. And third of all and worse of all Kotone could have caught them revealing that he has been having sex with both of them. Not that the least one matters in hentai at all( usually after they figure that out, they usually have a whole threesome, which is lit. I wish that happened in real life.)

I find it interesting that Ayane doesn’t hate him, she is just embarrassed XD but why did she leave the motherfucker on red tho. I hate being left on red especially when I have asked a simple question like ” how are you?” or about an event.

I love how the translation called it “seenzoned”. I was laughing because normally people would say they were “left on red”, “ignored” or ” this motherfucker read my messages and didn’t reply”. That’s how it be. I just thought it was weird.

Also, they animated a whole legit cheer routine. What hentai is this??? That’s interesting. It reminds of Lucky Star or Cheer Danshi. No, I haven’t watched Cheer on Netflix yet, but I might. People keep asking me if I have seen that shit, but I have not and I don’t have a problem with not seeing it.

Let me do some hentai translation:

Looks like an innocent phrase. But in translation, it means “Can I fuck you for a bit? Can we?”

A minute in hentai translation. Brought to you the makers of Vitality Juice. Quench your thirst.

Chance of blogging next week: 90% unless someone brings me to the locker room and asks to chat

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