Overflow Episode 6 – The Logic

More school action, how do they not get caught??? I wonder tho, because I feel like people are caught doing sexual actions esp at public places like a school during field day. Am I wrong? Also when her boobs are pushed on the window, how do they not notice? Is it because I’m always looking in windows??? When people are driving, my favorite thing is to look into people’s windows, I’ve seen some weird shit. Just saying. But there was that whole scene in Mysterious Girlfriend X, where no one was caught. No sex scenes, but it was weird. Go watch that shit.

This episode centers around Kotone realizes her love for him, but does she know Ayane likes him and he’s fucking both of them. I’m surprised they don’t know yet, but it’s hentai plot XD I don’t expect anything. But what exactly did that paper say, I think it says someone/something your interested in. If I read that on a good day, I would pick someone I find interesting like the weirdo in the back of my class or something. But since I’m in hentai land, and I’m interested in someone sexually… I would definitely grab my crush. Good thing I have mad options since I’m a bisexual prick XD


There is always that cut scene where they are waiting for the other one and they be like ” I wonder what’s taking so long” I’m like ” why don’t you go check for yourself” like any manga/anime protagonist would. And that’s how they usually get caught anyways in most anime. Or in other hentais, they burst in and then a threesome happens. What a strange turn of events.

But I feel like life is big hentai in a sense, the logic pans out sometimes. Like when your friend breaks up with her ex and the ex’s cousin starts hitting on her. I’m like ” Excuse me, what hentai is this?” I’ve watched enough hentai to know what’s up.

Also, why is he trying to run away from being alone with her for no reason. Does he like Ayane more? Or he’s hoping Ayane doesn’t catch him. That never worried him before tho. This dude weird as hell. Does he want that sex, they in an empty room together and he seems to think that’s an opportune time. Kotone literally came up to him and wanted that shit, he did not start the shit this time, which is surprising.

Chance of Watching Next Week: 89% chance unless I’m waiting for someone



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