Overflow Episode 7 – Wearing the Apron is How It’s Done

When wearing an apron naked is a way to get your siblings to like you. Damn I would have done that years ago. Because my siblings be hating me for no reason sometimes when we were younger. Also, does that friend who gave that advice know about their relationship or something? It’s never really covered. Don’t read too much into it, I guess.

Ayane really likes him, and I honestly like her sex scenes more than Kotone’s. I like how she pushes back sometimes, but she is super submissive even tho. She just pretends like she hates him, but she is really into to it. I like how they did it from behind, because i LOVE THAT POSITION!!! It’s my favorite and you when they get it all in, you can feel it all in your stomach.

Also, never have sex while you’re cooking, otherwise things burn and it ends up bad. True facts from the show XD you definitely get too into it


The part where Kotone walks in and ask what the smell is. It’s definitely the smell of sex and not fish. MAYBE NOT BECAUSE THEY DID JUST BURN THE FOOD! Everyone has a distinct sex smells, it’s weird. I think it depends what the person’s cum smells like to be honest and the way you have sex. If the sex isn’t very good, you can’t smell anything. If they were really going at it, you can smell it. It’s distinct. YOU JUST KNOW AND YOU’RE LIKE OH GOD..

Also, I guess he does go to some sort of school, maybe college. It’s a hentai, so you don’t see all of that. I was just wondering before, because he could be some lazy ass hentai protagonist that doesn’t deserve any sex and he getting that. Or the ones where they use a magical item to get that sex( good thing this show isn’t like that, I would be interested and disturbed at the same time).


Like what, my boi?

Chance of Watching Next Week: 98% unless my hair falls apart XD

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