A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 9 – Kozaku Mitori

PLAYED LIKE A FIDDLE. Ah, poor Shokuho. That was so dubious. When she got mad after reading the doubles mind I was like, yo some shit just went down. Gensei, playing 4d chess. Knowing his double was going to get captured and attacking her base since she wouldn’t be there. On the other hand… I was alive to see Misaka in a suit and tie, so I feel like this episodes good and bad moments balanced itself out nicely. I like that they just randomly threw in a head bonk at the end when they were driving away. Pretty sure Misaka can like, basically fly so that might be faster but whatever.


The more I see Shokuho in action, the more I’m glad she wasn’t a villain and is more or less on our side. She already had the damn guards under her control! She easily could’ve done it on the spot but instead was like nah, we’ll win before we even start. Don’t get me wrong, I like Misaka’s rampages (started the episode off with a railgun from the get go!), this calculated scheming hits a different part of my brain that gets me hype.

Kuroko and Uiharu’s innocence of the underworld in Academy City kind of just surprises me at this point. A girl kicked out of school commits an act of terrorism and then dies of a very vague death a few months later. Nothing suspicious here. I like that a random librarian was just like, ‘hah, yeah I heard high level child espers just get abducted from schools and it gets swept under the rug. Just a rumor though.’ Welp. It’s probably not surprising to us since we’ve seen the shit that Academy City does on a weekly basis, but imagine just being a regular ass student and hearing that. Uiharu was right, her and Saten would get a long great. I think the saddest thing was the moment that happened and she said that, I really couldn’t help but think, yeah… we’re probably doing that IRL too. Well, not the esper part but, you know.

Speaking of Saten, I went full like, yelling at my monitor when she saw the abandoned factory and decided to go in. SATEN NO. It was right after seeing Touma too, so I was like, fuck yeah Touma’s here! and then immediately after, SATEN NO. And then she runs into the giant metal closing doors! SATEN NO. Seems like it worked out in the end. Her powerlessness probably saved her ass from being killed.

And now we know that Shokuho isn’t the only one good at betrayal. Everyone is just betraying everyone nowadays. So Kozaku Mitori, cosplay girl as I guess she’s referred to, was making MEMBER believe that she was operating under the Governing Board when in fact she is working with a third party. So now, there’s two groups that need to be brought down. Gensei is going after… the Sister? Or something in that base where they took the Sister. And Mitori is trying to get shadow metal maybe, to control it and make the ultimate life form? Sounds about right if I had to guess.

When Saten was talking about how the festival was still going on I… I felt that. I totally forgot. This show feels like weeks have passed but it’s probably been what? 2 days? I’m sure Touma will come to bring back the good luck charm and SOMEHOW get involved in all of this. Not that I’m complaining…

And Misaka and Shokuho are probably, hopefully, going to get back to base to kick some ass together.

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  1. “Speaking of Saten, I went full like, yelling at my monitor when she saw the abandoned factory and decided to go in. SATEN NO.”

    Would she really be Saten if she made safe decisions?

    Good thing she has friends to can pull her fat out of the fire!

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