Healin’ Good Precure Episode 9

It really goes without saying, this is the wholesome and fluffy content we need right now. This show literally heals my heart and grants me the comfort and escape from all the stress that’s been weighing me down. So thank you Healin’ Good Precure! ❤︎

Can we just appreciate how charming and relatable Hinata’s character is? I love her. She is so funny and has such a great heart! The second she learned why Nodoka didn’t have any recent pictures of herself was because she was in the hospital, she knew exactly what she wanted to do: Give Nodoka the opportunity to capture new memories to add to her collection. So she brings the girls to the mall to participate in an Angel Photo event, where girls can pamper themselves and get their pictures taken.

But at the same time she is so self-conscious of her own flaws that whenever she feels like she inconveniences others, it eats her up inside. I felt bad for her when she realized Nodoka had almost fainted because of being overwhelmed by the crowd, and that she didn’t notice until Chiyu did. She felt so troubled by putting Nodoka in that situation that she had thought it would be better for them to call it a day. So it was heartening to see Nodoka and Chiyu give her some assurance that it was because of her that they were able to have fun, and they love that part of her that always tries her hardest. Gosh it was so cute to see her flustered over the girls’ praise. And the girls were lucky to have her as their guide, because not only did she made the experience fun, but she was also able to sweep in and help them out when they didn’t know how to proceed or add a bit more charm to their accessories.

This event also provided us the opportunity to see a different side of Nodoka and Chiyu as well. Nodoka was excited about the hangout, and we could see her enthusiasm of going out to the mall by having fun and soaking in the moment. But when they were doing the nail art, we learned she frets over the details of things that aren’t coordinated. So Hinata helped her out by created that cohesion by offering a green background to the nail art to create the garden theme, which was very cute!

Meanwhile it was a bit of the opposite for Chiyu, who didn’t have a lot of confidence in just about any of her choices because it was outside of her comfort-zone. Hinata really helped her out by giving her a boost of confidence by helping her where she struggled and praising her for her good taste on things figure out on her own, such as the pretty nail art. But we come to learn the reason why Chiyu was not very confident to begin with was because she wasn’t confident in dressing up and getting her photo taken— and it became self-explanatory why she feels that way. Poor girl was mortified over her expression, (it’s okay Chiyu, I’m not good with pictures either, I always have the most awkward smile and it’s embarrassing. This is why I have always prefer to be the one behind the lens doing the shots, and I’m better at it too.) but it’s the good memory of the fun that led up to it that really counts. Neither Hinata or Nodoka paid any mind to it.

And then there was of course the trainees. The whole interaction with the bead-maker was definitely the most hysterical use of their product placement to my memory. My favourite part had to be the trainees. I couldn’t stop laughing when Nyatoran and Pegitan were having their mischievous moment of “evil laughter” of just being able to participate in the fun from under the table, while Rabbirin would not stand for any imperfections. This is the kind wholesome content we always wanted and needed from the ‘sidekicks’ end of things.

The biggest surprise of the episode was probably the lack of a new element bottle. The fact Hinata didn’t get a new one made me laugh because I think most of us were half-expecting it to show up but then Gem is like, “LOL NOPE.” and that was it. Although she was overwhelmed on her own, the fight was fun to watch. Ah, but speaking of the Elemental Bottles, Chiyu used the Ice Bottle today, and man it was way more visually impactful compared to the Harvest one! So I guess it actually does have its uses in a positive way, but the Harvest one was just really underwhelming for its debut fight.

Next week’s episode is shaping up to be an exciting one with the Generals making their biggest move yet of what it sounds to be striking on multiple fronts. Maybe Shindoine shared with the others how the precure are much weaker when divided up after having witnessed Cure Sparkle almost lose the Mega-Pathogerm she had decided to pick a fight on her own today. Ooh I can’t wait for it!

PS: Hinata and Nyatoran are such a riot together, they are the ultimate duo.


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6 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 9

  1. I simply like the fact that they have been putting in scenes of Nodoka still feeling tired from her previous sickness from times to times. Quite a detail that would make an impact later on

    1. And thank goodness for that because I would be frustrated if they didn’t! Otherwise it would take away the value of the impact it had on her since shaped her into who she is today.

  2. They’re all just such nice girls! and supportive of each other 😭😭😭
    This group is so tight knit. Good luck to the 4th cure I’m all but certain we’re getting

  3. Eva since next week battle seems to be big one then normally then this might be the one which the girls will get their first group attack. From what we seen in previous seasons this kind of fights is where it will happens. If it will happen i hope their group attack will look great and pretty

    1. Hahahaha, but before they can show off their wombo combo, first Hinata needs to get her respective Elemental Bottle! Nevertheless I am super excited for it, the next episode can’t come soon enough.

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