Woah, woah, there Jimbo. Are they implying there’s going to be a 4-episode long internet debate that will slowly chip away at the fanbase of Nanase to weaken her enough for Kuro to kill her? That’s definitely what it sounded like. When I heard, ‘ok that was the first point’ almost 18 minutes into the episode I was like, wait what?

Welp, strap in people. If there wasn’t enough dialogue for you yet, it looks like they’re going to dedicate one episode per claim she has. I don’t know how I feel about this. And at the beginning, you had to keep pausing to read the other messages. Thankfully they started reading out most of them by the end though.

CLAIM #1: Steel Nanase is not a ghost, but a female detective that worked alongside Terada. She used the myth as a way to commit crimes at first, but then built an elaborate plot to kill Terada, using his fame against him, because the specific method she chose would draw attention away from her as a suspect. Basically… Kotoko is framing Saki for the moment. I knew she got jealous, but this? C’mon, Kotoko. Jokes aside, I’m sure even if it’s just to dissuade some believers, I’m sure she takes pleasure in having Saki be the temporary scapegoat.

I also think an inside job/conspiracy theory is a pretty good route. The only thing that beats a good ghost story, is a good conspiracy. Why worry about the monsters under your bed when you can worry about the monsters that are alive and ruining the world for real? Well, I’m sad now. But anyway, there’s not a super lot to talk about. I don’t need to recap because, y’all just watched it.

The interesting thing was Kotoko saying at the beginning, let me know if anything about Kuro changes. We know Rikka has been seriously hospitalized. It probably was a good excuse for experimentation, but it’s also possible overuse of the power can lead to bad things. We know Kuro and Rikka still age, despite having eaten the mermaid, but we don’t know the ration. If I’m remembering right, at least. It’s possible each death takes a certain amount of time off of their life.

Kotoko’s ability to spit out lies in a convincing way is honestly, goals. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not the greatest liar. It’s easier to just say as little as possible. I also suck at debates, and thank you school for not helping with that at all. I always forget basic shit when I make an argument. I immediately jump to covering the niche counterarguments, but then the person never, ever brings those up and is instead attacking me for very basic shit. I win all the debates in my head later though so it’s really like I’m undefeated. I like Kotoko’s eyes when a sucker gets baited by her first post. It’s like the moment a troll sees someone get triggered. Good times.

Anyway, there’s not much to cover so I’ll wrap this up. I’m curious what her next tenet will be, if she’s going to create 4 different points or try to interweave them all into a single story. Kuro has died only a handful of time so far, so let’s try to pump those rookie numbers up.