Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 9 – ahhh, necrophilia

NECROPHILIA!!! As my friends know, that is my favorite topic to harass people about sexually! Most people are against it because of a big reason mentioned in the show – the smell and the fact people think it’s immoral.

I heard/read that when someone dies the whole room smells immediately of rotting fruit and their body starts to decay. I wonder if I would be able to fuck someone with that smell. I have a bad gag reflex, I probably will need a mask.


The Bone lady tho XD I was dead laughing because the beast dude was just licking her “bones”. I don’t why I was laughing, I had to pause it.

The hopping zombie/vampire(Jiangshi) was interesting. I had to stop the show and figure out what that was. If its a hopping creature, wouldn’t it be great on top? NOPE, I was like surprised about that.

I found it interesting about how vampires work in this show. Like if a vampire turns someone else into a vampire, they are loyal to the person who turned them. Whoa! That’s different than any other show. Usually when someone is turned into a vampire, they only stay loyal for the blood.

Also, I find it interesting that alot of people are doing the review thing now, they have inspired a bunch of creatures. That usually happens when something is so good, people want to get that money. But I think most people are doing it for fun, it’s takes alot to put your sexual experiences out there, esp when people want to keep them private. It makes sense, but it’s always fun to share what happens during sex! It’s exciting to hear what other people say about it. cough some people get salty if you talk to someone else. But its not exciting to keep it to yourself.


People be missing Stunk and Zel’s reviews anyways tho, loyalty for OG

I was also intrigued by the lesbian porn scene. The director is totally me, I would get too into it. I’m a voyeur and I like to watch people.  It was actually kinda hot, a senpai and a newbie. For some reason, I like that kind of porn.
Also, in this world, they don’t exactly have cameras. They have to use that special crystal thing. I don’t know what to call it or describe it. But that girl had dreams to make porno for the crystals.

I also realize that there is a alot of brothels and no readily available porno videos. Interesting. You would have to get a crystal and do a bunch of stuff. But its exactly the opposite in our society( well in the US, because we are idiots), there is not that many brothels and lots of porn videos. I don’t know whats better tho.

Crim is officially part of the gang, which is cool! He was reluctant to deal with them before and now he’s like “yite! it’s time to go!” They are inviting him to go too XD and they assume that he’s going with them to the next place.  I know I’m friends with people, when I’m getting invited to go places with them. He also went to magic slime place by himself, so he definitely part of the gang

I really want to see the Magic Metropolis one, I’m supra curious why it has such a good rating. We have already been to magic brothels and now i want to see why this one is different. And so far away. I have so many questions about their world. How big is it and how many places are there. I’m curious.

Me taking a bunch of screen shots of shit I didn’t write about that I found funny:


Also, for everyone: I’m not going to blog next week because I’ll be hanging out with my friends. Stay tuned for 2 weeks from now!
Chance of Blogging 2 weeks from now: 99.9% unless I get disappointed that the concert is really really bad.


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