Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 9 – Who dis?

Who dis??? The guy who walked in at the end, who is that person. He seems to be attractive, but he seems sort of bossy. He could have sat down like a normal person, but he walks up to her and says “can I have an egg please?”

The Magic Metropolis was lit.

Let’s have a minute to appreciate the Archmage Deima. She made a bunch of clones of herself and let people do what ever they want with them. She also made it seems like they were dating or having their honeymoon and makes the customer feel like they are loved. Deima wants to learn more about magic and develop magical armor and learn more about different species. That’s super cool, and a really good business model. She killed that shit.

They all seemed to enjoy themselves but there is some things I enjoyed the most:

  1. Crim treating her like she was a queen and he wasn’t expecting half of the stuff which was mad hot.

“Want me to take you to heaven?”
“Yeah, you can?”
goes under sheets

  1. Stunk is actually kinda hot and we has abs and shit. I was like he kinda hot… he’s like that cousin who is in their 20’s who works out all the time and still smokes cigarettes and pot( you know that cousin). Excuse me, but I never noticed he was decent looking minus the scar on his face. It’s like when you realize someone that you see often is kinda cute and you seen them all the time.
  2. That halfling dude is into BDSM, maybe I missed that in the role-playing episode. But I didn’t realize it. Compensation!!!!!!! Compensation!!! Compensation!!( for his small dick) But he my type of dude, I love BDSM. Whips and chains and being tied up in awkward places. Sign me up, I’m a fanatic with the shit. I specifically like being spanked and I would love to wear a Chasity belt( if thats part of BDSM)

Also, the centaur girls. That’s so cool how they spread the word that quickly and that deal was actually decent. They got to do their normal runs and the crew got their reviews spread across the land. That was super smart. The Magic Metropolis is about to have alot of business.

Would I visit Magic Metropolis? YES! to satisfy my lesbian tendencies. Big boobs are super nice and you can bury your face into. A girl that will make your breakfast and clean up the dishes. Shower sex?? yes ma’am. Really hot sex in the bedroom? Sign me up!

Professor Poke is a super weird character, I’ma throw that out there. SUPRA WEIRD!

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