Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 9: Not as a Wota, But as a Person

This was kind of like the Christmas episode, where hardly anything interesting happened. Just some silly stuff with Eripiyo as usual, another misunderstanding, and everyone just celebrating New Year’s. And hey, we also got a title drop.

With Cham Jam not being able to do a concert for a month, this New Year’s concert is the last chance for the fans to see their faves, and the girls get to do something special for them. Recorded messages! Not going to lie, I had to cringe this whole part with some of the things they had to say, and of course Eripiyo had to make it weird, and I guess gave Maina pressure when Eripiyo asked for the message as a person, and not as a wota. I guess to bring them closer, and it’s a selfish request anyway and she could ask for anything anyway. And Maina still is kinda dumb so blah blah blah. Eripiyo spends New Years with her family, it’s awkward as hell because they ask about her getting a “real” job and getting married and all that and…ick. Yeah, that’s a very crappy and relateable thing. I wish families would really not do that. Anyway, after being upset that she couldn’t spend New Years with her fave like Kumasa could since Reo was doing a countdown show with the fans being able to be there. So she texts Motoi and he and her and Rena went to have their first shrine visit of the year. They make their wishes and Eripiyo used it all on Maina instead of herself, then shouted out her love for Maina at the sunrise as well as saying that she’ll die if Maina were to go to the Budoukan.

The Budoukan was brought up a lot this episode, with the fans wishing for them to go there, as well as Cham Jam themselves. Except for Yuka at first. It was nice getting some spotlight on her this episode, since that was probably the only part I cared about. Yuka is hilarious, I loved her “You guys don’t have anything to do again?!” at the concert and it cracked me up. I know it’s part of her character type she’s portraying but that small jab at the otakus is so funny. Anyway, she didn’t show much interest in going after the Budoukan but changed her mind later when her fans kept requesting lines related to the Budoukan for her to record. She then realized that she hadn’t cared because all she wanted was for her fans to be there for her, no matter where they were. Whether it was the Budoukan or in their same little concert venue, but it looks like they’re all on the same page on going there. It was cute seeing some of the Cham Jam girls spending time together (Yumeri and Maki are def a couple).

That was pretty much it, there’s only a few episodes left so I wonder what we’ll see. This episode was pretty boring for the most part, I only got a couple laughs here and there like Eripiyo and Motoi being distracted by Kumasa’s face during the countdown show. The show has really slowed down so I hope it’s a little more entertaining in this last stretch.


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