Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 10: The Infant Child and the Green Fortress


is how I basically reacted to this episode. It was mostly a very sweet and heartwarming episode, but the very last minute turned that on its head and the fear and pain will arrive shortly with next week’s episode. Oh boy. T_T

I appreciate getting the backstory of when Golem found Somali since it really expands on things. It was obvious since we saw in chains, but it seemed like Somali was being transported with other humans to be sold as slaves. The carriage she rode in had an accident and everyone, except for her, died. She was able to escape and hide somewhere, until Golem found her and she called him Dad. Their relationship started off distant and matter of fact, with Golem stating that she’s mistaken in referring to him in such a way and that she needs to leave because she doesn’t belong in the forest. But Somali showed her stubbornness even then and never left his side and continued to call him Dad. Golem wasn’t quite sure what to do, but he caved and provided food for her and eventually destroyed her chains. Knowing that his time is almost done and that Somali won’t be able to fend for herself and survive for long, they both start the journey to find other humans. And as Golem relays this whole story to Shizuno, he accepts the fact that this journey was mostly because he loves Somali and he wanted to continue to see her smiling face. And hearing him admit that makes me so happy! But! His days are numbered, and seeing his body in such a state is killing me. It sure doesn’t help that he has to do this bodyguard job for a week when his body is in such horrible shape. Shizuno is happy to look after Somali once he passes, but he wants Golem to stick with her all the way until the end. Shizuno is so good~

Golem’s growth is fantastic and it made me emotional, not going to lie. One thing here I find interesting is Somali herself. Which by the way, she didn’t even know her own name so Golem named her after the cat creature that led him to her, thus saving her life. We don’t know her exact age, but I’d guess (in the flashback) she could be at least four or five years old? Very small and young, but old enough to talk really well. I find it weird that she didn’t even know her own name, or where she came from. If there had to be an explanation, it would be from some serious trauma, mostly mentally but probably physically as well. Whatever horrible conditions she was probably messed with her head so much, which would also explain why she’d call Golem her father. Probably for a sense of normalcy she sought after her father, who most likely is very dead, along with her mother. Basically the self-preservation Golem was talking about. Golem may have started the journey off for Somali’s sake, but it shifted for himself as well as Somali. He loves her as much as she loves him. Ahhh…

Golem and Yabashira start their week of being the innkeeper’s bodyguards, and Shizuno and Somali stay behind. It was so cute and funny when Golem started listing off Somali’s quirks and her least favorite vegetables. He really sounded like a worrywart of a father, even admitting to Yabashira that he was concerned. So adorable! While they’re gone, Somali decides that she wants to make a thank-you present for Golem, so she gets to drawing a portrait of him but isn’t happy with it. Shizuno suggests she knit him something when they find a bowl of yarn, and luckily (not really) they get the help of the innkeeper’s wife when she brings over supplies for them. She teaches her how to make a simple bracelet and when she goes in to hug her, her reaction says it all. Aunt Rosa’s demeanor changes and we get an unsettling change of mood and yup…dammit Aunt Rosa! She goes to some ruffians and tells them she found a human, with her shitty axolotl fangs exposed in an evil grin. I’m always afraid whenever Somali gets too close to any creature, and this is why. We have some like Shizuno that know who Somali is and loves and accepts her, and then we have the other side of the spectrum with Aunt Rosa having too strong a hatred of humans, and a desire for…well, whatever it is. To eat Somali? Or capture her and sell her?

Whatever it is, Golem is NOT going to be happy. And I’m scared. I know bad things are going to happen and with Shizuno’s crying face in the preview I’M NOT PREPARED. NO NO NO. LEAVE YABASHIRA ALONE!!!!


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  1. I read a bit of the manga, and it indicates that Somali is about six or seven at the oldest.

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