Eva’s First Impression

The series’ previews already had me swooning, but this episode made me fall even more love with his character. Kambe Daisuke is brilliant smug bastard, who is an absolute riot in every sense! (It feels like I am using that word to describe a lot of shows I have been watching this week, haha!) The amount of money this guy has is unreal, and he not only knows how to flaunt it, but also weaponize it to his advantage. It’s his way of taking control of a situation, such as the case with the bomber attempting to assassinate the seventh prince of Abura Emirates.

The second he is officially appointed as inspector of Metropolitan Police Detective Division, he makes his grand entrance by litterally plowing through these highly valuable vehicles in the middle of the parade, terrifying and almost hitting freaking pedestrians— what an asshole. I’m sure (or rather hoped) he would’ve dodged them all the same even if Kato hadn’t jumped in front of them, but still, he shouldn’t have done that to begin with. Then because his car was damaged, he brazenly goes up to the next nearest car, HAULS OUT THE PRINCE AND KICKS HIM TO THE CURB, takes his card and pays the 300 million on the spot.

Oh and he can speak the language too.

But that’s the kind of swagger that makes him so much fun to watch.
On top of that he’s so damn fine.
but that’s besides the point.

In the middle of this dramatic bomb case, there’s another smaller crime happening at the same location. Unfortunately for this pair of inexperienced thieves, as they were making their escape, they had unknowingly jumped into a van that was carrying the bomb that the police had been trying to track down and found themselves being trailed in a hot pursuit. Talk about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! Luckily they were able to get out of the car alive, but they were pretty close to being blown up with Daisuke savage strategy of funnel them to a bridge where he had intended to flow them and the bomb into the river below. (And that bomb was no joke!) Had it not been for Kato, Yoko the girlfriend may have very well been killed since her boyfriend hopped out of the car without her.

That said, they were quite an unfortunate, albeit funny pair. But I am a surprised she wasn’t more mad at him considering he had jumped out of the car without her. He should’ve at least told her to do the same instead of freaking apologizing for his decision to go without her. I had expected her to slap the him afterwards. Instead the hugged it out, and we got to her willing to forgive him and how she was wearing a chocolate ring. While I think her boyfriend isn’t worth her time, I will admit, I thought the chocolate ring was a sweet touch.

And then there’s Kato. Our signature cop with a strong belief in justice. After being kicked out of the First Division, he currently works in the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. Today he found himself at the scene after having been sent out to fill in as ” Lost Child Guidance” for the parade. He appears to be the more serious member of his team, considering everyone else looked pretty laid-back with seemingly nothing to do. Kato is very proactive and won’t sit still if he knows something big is up. He straight-up took his first division colleague’s earpiece to listen in to the report. He is also the type to readily put himself on the line to save others, which he did twice today. We also got to see how Kato plays as Daisuke’s foil. We witnessed the Daisuke had weaponized his money, enabling him to do as he likes because he can afford to pay off the damages. He freaking he paid double the market price to compensate the city for the damages he caused. This can serve as one example why Kato vehemently dislikes those who can manipulate the justice system with their wealth. He looked like he was going to punch the guy at the end of the episode when he asked how much he needs to compensate him with. I have a feeling that punch isn’t going to land though, haha!

But perhaps the most curious thing we have learned so far, is Daisuke’s decision to be appointed to the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. A peculiar choice considering this department doesn’t have the same kind of authority and access as does the likes of the First Division. For a wealthy man such as himself, makes me wonder what kind of cases and secret he is hoping to find— unless he’s that bored, but I highly doubt it.

Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited is definitely one of the shows I already have great expectations for. These kinds of mysteries and good/bad cops storylines are my jam! I am very excited to see how Kato and Daisuke will mesh together, especially since they had such a rough start with Daisuke just leaving him to fall off the bridge. Like dude, really? Come on.

With that said, this premiere was an absolute blast to watch. I am looking forward to seeing what this series has in store for us!

Possibility of Blogging: Moderate – I will give it three episodes, under the condition no one else wants to pick this up!

PS: The OP Theme IS SICK!


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