Gleipnir Episode 2

OH SHIT. That girl used the wish on Shuichi! She fucking ruined his life and the reason he has a zipper is so she can meld with him. I feel so much worse for him now, since I know it wasn’t his choice.

This had some major Neon Genesis Evangelion vibes, or maybe a very, very sultry and sexual Attack on Titan. Either way, wow, what an episode.

That fighting scene was so sick. I love when it actually looks like real fighting. Claire taking a proper fighting stance and everything. Thankfully it looks like his cushion is good for pushin’, and by that I mean getting absolutely destroyed by repeated slogs to the face. I love when people in the shows take so much damage. How many times did they get hit so hard that they dented freight containers… Shattered bones and shattered dreams.

Speaking of shattered dreams, you could see the moment Claire flipped the yandere switch and hoooly shit, did she flip it. I know she didn’t know Hikawa was doing this for athletic prowess, but snapping her leg and Hikawa’s scream. This show is absolutely brutal. I had totally forgotten that Shuichi’s transformation had a gun. For like 1 full minute after she shot it, I was so confused. Are we not gonna talk about the GIANT REVOLVER she magically got? Then I remembered last episode she briefly asked if that gun was real. Shuichi didn’t know then, but he sure does now.

I liked the Hikawa flashback. I thought it conveyed her story very well and in such a succinct amount of time. She seemed like kind of a bitch, but when you’re trying so much harder than everyone else at something, were brought into the school for athletics, and still can’t qualify for nationals, I kind of get it. The thing she does, that I always find dumb, is when a villain (or anyone really) does some messed up shit and then gets mad when the victim retaliates. Hikawa literally stalked them home, broke into her house, beat them up, and then said, ‘ah well I guess I have to kill you now’. So when Claire pepper sprays her in the eye and she gets furious, it’s like… wtf were you expecting? You were literally going to kill them with no hesitation or remorse.

Anyway, she’s dead so no point in talking about her! It appears the goal of this is to return the coins to certain vending machines so that a mildly handsome man will pop out and grant you a wish. The wish ruins your life but you get what you wanted, in a way. We also know that Claire’s sister did this process and killed her parents before abandoning her. A very Sasuke thing to do. So now we know Claire’s goal. We don’t know exactly what happened to her or how it happened, just that Shuichi saw her past or at least felt her pain. She took no issue with killing someone so it’s pretty safe to say she’s a bit fucked up.

I can’t stand how easily Suichi gets baited by Claire. Her argument that another monster would attack him made no sense. It’s not like they are attracted to each other. It’s not like other people could ever know? Unless they just haven’t explained that. But alas, he’s in it for the long haul. And she’s made a suicide pact with him basically.

I guess that is a way to get over the cowardice phase. Just have Claire do it. I do hope he gets more confident. Not that killing people is really a good way to do that, but… development is development? Yeah, probably not. We’ll see what happens.

At this point I’m just wondering how this thing ends. Are there a finite number of coins? What happens when loose pockets mcgee gets all the coins he dropped back? Judging by his wish granting, I can’t imagine it’s anything good. Can you make more than one wish? Does your life somehow get even more fucked up if you do?

I’m liking the brutalness of this show. I mean, that whole climbing inside of him and becoming one thing was just bizarre. I was half disgusted and half interested. I’m sure it won’t be the last time this show makes me feel like that.

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