Healin’ Good Precure Episode 12

Well that escalated quickly. What started out as a disappointing “team building” session with a game of charades quickly turned into a dramatic battle engaging in actual combat Batetemouda, the latest member to join the Pathogerm King’s ranks.

It was a welcomed surprise, and a much needed reality-check for everyone. It was so good to see Batetemouda actually pick a fight with the girls, because by doing so, it gave us a taste of just how strong the Pathogerm Generals are. Today it was 3 VS 1, and yet despite Batetemouda being the newest addition to the ranks, the girls were struggling to keep up with him. It took some coordination and team-work just to knock him off his feet, so imagine how difficult it would have been if it were one on one with any of the other three?! Let’s be real here: They would lose.

And gosh, the girls are lucky he spilled the beans of that he was born from the Mega-Pathogerm they left too long on its own. It would be been very dangerous for them to continue without realizing the additional threat it poses to them. However what he had wisely left out was the circumstances of how he was born. The girls remain unaware of the fact a seedling parasite, that roamed across the city until it found itself a suitable host. It was also quite interesting to hear that he has been able to observe the Generals even before he was able to roam about.

So you would think this whole incident would have made them realize playing games like charades isn’t going to make them stronger. What they need to do is practice combat. They need to polish up some tricks of their own rather than hoping their power will be enough to carry them through the fight. Ideally, the perfect way to counter this would be for them to actually start coming up with more pragmatic strategies they can use in fights. I think the Trainees had the right idea with the whole unspoken understanding, but that is something that is something they can polish just by spending time getting to know each other better on their own time. What they actually need right now, is to find time and places to scrimmage with each other and experiment with their power. It is the best and fastest way to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they would be able to cover for each other, and ways they can make it work when they are forced to fight on their own.

But based on how it ended, I’m not so sure if the message really got through their heads. Out of everyone so far, it seems Hinata is the one who is the most visibly shaken by how strong their opponents are (and justifiably so). Of course the other two could be putting on a strong face in attempt not let fear get the better of them.

It is also apparent how this new reality is hard for the girls to swallow. Not only are they are starting to realize their fights are going to be harder, scarier and more brutal going forward, but to hear that more of the likes of Batetemouda could follow is very intimidating. I think it is also fair to say, none of them fully understood what they were getting themselves into. It further shines on a spotlight on Rabirin’s guilt of dragging them into this mess. Nodoka was horrified when Batetemouda was laughing about how much fun it is to fight. She can’t wrap her head around it. Where is the joy of hurting others? The girls would much rather just focus on purifying the Mega-Pathogerms. Engaging in scuffles like this are exactly what they are trying to avoid at all costs. So it is only natural that fear is finally starting to take hold of their hearts.

But are the writers willing to dedicate an episode or some scenes to real training sessions? Honestly, I have my doubts. And I say that because I am trying to be careful not to build up too much expectations that would lead to disappointment in the future. (I think we all start getting all sorts of ideas in our heads when we are become invested in any series for that matter! Haha!) Of course it would be a of a shame if they don’t find a way to make something more out of the situation the girls are in. It would suck to waste an opportunity where we can actually see the girls be proactive about becoming stronger, both individually and as a group. Certainly a proper practice session wouldn’t hurt.

Needless to say, I am going to be careful of not getting too caught up in my own ideas and continue to observe how things will play out. I am absolutely in love with this series, I am so excited of what it has in store for us.

In all, although the training session had a silly start, it was still a very solid episode. Funny enough, the girls kind of had the right (albeit exaggerated) image of what they expected of a training session. It was so cute how excited Nodoka was, I almost wonder if she was secretly disappointed by how it panned out. On the side note: Rabirin’s and Nyatoran’s signals were waaaayyyy too long. Funny, but not pragmatic. I did get a kick out of them unintentionally providing a perfect example of what not to do when they fail to communicate with each other properly. 

Also, never leave the trainees in charge of the topics for Charades. They are way too complicated! The girls couldn’t follow it at all! (Not to mention, it could be they equally suck at playing this game too, hell– I don’t know where or how they got the idea Chiyu was talking about an introduction). But at least we have to give Chiyu some credit where it’s due. Considering how ridiculous the subject was, Chiyu did a decent job with it. At least she managed to get the Mega-Pathogerm’s part right.

As for Batetemouda, he is certainly here to stay, at least for a little while. Even though he is the newest addition to the team, he is quite a dangerous one due to his eagerness to engage in fights. I am looking forward to seeing how he and the other generals will mesh together since he has quite a lively personality.

Next week episode, it looks like we might just be seeing them run into yet another similar situation of multiple Mega-Pathogerms popping up in several different locations. And now with Hinata getting cold feet, we will have to see how the she and the girls will go about it.

04.24.2020 – UPDATE 3: CONFIRMED – Episode 13 will not be airing.
It will be running reruns starting this Sunday, April 26th, I am considering to pick up an old Precure series in its steed. The decision will be made on Saturday evening, so throw your suggestion in the comments below!

04.19.2020 – UPDATE 2: There appears to be a lot of confusion of whether Ep 13 is set to air or not. I don’t know if they updated their notice, but based on what I’m reading, it looks like Episode 13 is NOT going to air. Their website says as of April 26th they will be running selected reruns of the episodes up to this point. (Frankly I’m just as confused, so I’m just gonna wait see if the episode pops up next week or not. This is making my head spin).

04.19.2020 – UPDATE 1: Q_____Q Precure is the latest series to be post-poned. GOD DAMN IT PATHOGERMS!!!!!!!!

As for those who are wondering about what these delays means for our coverages. Obviously if some of us find ourselves without any shows to cover due to the series being put on-hold, rest assure we already have some fun ideas how to work around it.

Since I have feared this would happen, I have been considering picking up a precure series I did not watch yet or complete. But it really depends on how long this will be postponed for. It’s one thing to be until May 6th, but if the State of Emergency is extended, then maybe it’ll give me enough wiggle room to continue it even when all the shows resume airing. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Are there any particular ones you would like me to cover? It’s been a while since I watched some of the older ones, so I don’t remember too much (though there are a few exceptions), but there’s a few that comes to mind.


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11 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 12

  1. It was a very splashy review for Batetemouda – charming, a genuine threat and enthusiastic in a way the others aren’t – and I like that they misdirected us with last week’s preview of what the girls would be doing to train. I’m unsure if they aren’t taking it seriously so much as wanting to not let themselves fall into despair right after securing a narrow victory or maybe, as you said, they haven’t grasped the full scope.

    I don’t blame them a lot for that but I can agree that Rabirin is right to acknowledge the guilt of getting the girls into this. The show is asking a lot emotionally for everyone and that makes it all feel real. Also, what a nice twist of Hinata to be the one that is serious in the face of what just happened vs. her friends trying to keep up a happy spirit and it makes me even more intrigued for what the preview of next week will bring.

    1. I think we did see a hint of concern, but it was quickly concealed when they decided to try and laugh it off. I am hoping we will get the chance to see everyone reflect on this incident individually so we can get a better understanding what they think about this whole incident. It is certainly one thing to try and keep the morale boost up, but it is also important for them to talk about their fears to reassure each other that they aren’t the only one who’s afraid.

      I think it makes a lot of sense to be Hinata the one who is getting cold feet. She is the type who gets easily distracted and acts before she thinks, but she at the same time is very conscious of her short-comings and I think that’s the what her fear is feeding off of. The combination of her lack of confidence and fear of failure is making her feel so vulnerable at this time.

  2. Another dangerous thought is that Batatemoude is indirectly made by the Precures, which means that their mistake caused the creation of another Byogens general being born, and maybe even more are made. That just made the Precure’s responsibility even heavier.

    I am really loving this series but I really would keep my expectations still low, as the 6th ranger cure is the part where things can go either good or bad.

    1. Yup. I love that there are very serious consequences when these monsters are left unchecked. It is a terrifying threat of more of the likes of Batatemoude popping up because they didn’t finish the job sooner. And as you said, what makes it worse is that he and anyone else who may be born from their mistakes in the future will server as a living reminder of their failure, and that itself will really affect their morale.

  3. Batetemouda fells like the joker from smile precure amd you know how insane joker was. If batetemouda will be on the same scary level then it will be creepy.

  4. Update: Precure has been postponed Q__Q I am looking into potentially picking up one of the older series, so let me know which ones you guys would be interested in. I already have a couple of ideas.

  5. Just one quick correction to for the postponement: It will start after Episode 13, so that one will still air.

    As for other shows to cover, you could finally use the chance to go for KiraKira Precure a la Mode, since you’ve said you never saw it.
    Although fair warning here, that it changed on important thing that’s always the key point in this franchise – although often found in other magical girl shows.

    1. EDIT: There appears to be a lot of confusion of whether Ep 13 is set to air or not. Based on what I’m reading and seeing in some places, it looks like Episode 13 is NOT going to air after-all. Their website says April 26th they will be running selected reruns. Did they perhaps update the notice????

      Yeah KiraKira La Monde is definitely one of them I am considering. Currently I am sorting out out how the scheduling would work if the show returns on air sooner than later. I have a couple of ideas, but I want to be careful not to bite off more than I chew.

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