HOLY CRAP THAT WAS THE SMOOTHEST I HAVE EVER SEEN SHIROGANE ACT. But for real though, I feel like this series is slowly changing. It’s like it’s slowly losing the “tsundere vs tsundere” thing it had going in season 1 and slowly turning into two dorks who are in love and just need to freaking confess. Though I guess it was also that in the first season, but it does feel like they’re emphasizing more on the growing attraction between the two. Which isn’t a bad thing as they still keep the same amount of comedy.

And while the dynamic is changing, I do think it’s a natural progression, considering how close they are getting. I also like the fact that it’s not the “battle of the minds” that is making Kaguya squirm, but just the act of Shirogane being himself… Even though he was mostly distracted by the moon. It was honestly super hilarious to see Shirogane so bold. Though I must say, seeing a character wrap their arm around and holding another character’s head like he did with Kaguya is one of my weaknesses. FREAKING CUTE.

Also, the freaking music playing in the background killed me. So freaking dramatic…. JUST LIKE THIS ANIME.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is brought up and I do like how it seems to connect to Kaguya herself in a sense as the princess in the story is essentially her namesake. I have heard that most (if not all) of the characters are some sort of representation of certain characters from the tale. I’m not too familiar with the story so I probably wouldn’t be able to compare the characters besides the obvious Princess Kaguya to, well, Kaguya.

It’s also interesting to see the different perspectives of Kaguya and Shirogane had on the story. With Kaguya viewing the story as tragic and essentially hates the moon because of it, while Shirogane saw it as while tragic, there was still some sort of hope within it. It kind of says a lot on their upbringing and view on life in general. Kaguya was raised in such a rich but cold and loveless environment, that it makes sense she would develop a negative outlook on things. However, with Shirogane, he and his family are close (aside from his mother) and being poor most likely gave him an appreciation for the smaller things and a hope that if you work hard, things will get better. And it was honestly touching for him to say that if he were the man in the story, he would have waited for Kaguya and wouldn’t have let her go in the first place, going as far as to go to the moon and have stolen her back. Which sets up a bit of foreshadowing I would assume. Since in theory… if the two do get together, would Kaguya even be allowed to be with him due to their different social standings? It has been brought up before of whether it’s even a possibility or not after all. Though I guess we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of it.

The second half ended having to do with the current student council being disbanded for the year. And I lost it when they all started going through their things in the student council room and were bringing up memories from the first season and Ishigami realized he must have missed out on all those things… WHICH IS TRUE BECAUSE HIS DUMB BUTT DIDN’T MAKE HIS OFFICIAL APPEARANCE UNTIL LIKE THE MIDDLE OF THE SERIES. This poor boy was so desperate to be included on the reminiscing that he talked about how he remembered the fan she hit him with after he insulted her…again. This is what happens when you don’t take part in social gatherings I suppose. But I am glad that Ishigami is hanging out with them more and being more open with them. And yes Shirogane, I do agree with you that Ishigami has gotten stronger. Being the only one to straight up antagonize Chika to her face. And it’s hilarious.

It was sad to see them leave the student council room, especially seeing how close the were with each other (despite the back and forth between Kaguya and Shirogane). I admit, Chika almost had me when she started crying. When Kaguya actually acts like a friend towards Chika, it’s very heartwarming because despite her exasperation and antagonism towards her, Chika is still the one to befriend her even in her darkest time. It was nice to see them hug while sad over the loss of the place with everyone… Even though she straight up dismisses Chika as a possible Student Council member later that same day. KAGUYA. That was freaking mean! Don’t just out Chika like that! BE NICER TO HER.

While I have been enjoying Ishigami more, as soon as he pulled the self deprecating humor I was like “Oh no, Ishigami noooo…” I don’t like self deprecating humor because a lot of people I know do it and I can’t stand the thought of them having such a low opinion of themselves and trying to pass it off as a joke. So that’s probably why I didn’t really enjoy him that much in the first season. So I’m glad to see him come into his own more this season. Especially when he’s just so gung ho about teasing Chika. I lost it when Ishigami, Shirogane and Kaguya started laughing when Chika considering the idea of being the new student council president. And of course Ishigami laughing and clapping the loudest. Because of course he is. An Ishigami who isn’t afraid to tease is best Ishigami.

…But we all knew they weren’t ACTUALLY gonna be disbanded. TRYING TO PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS. HAH, I WON’T LET YOU. It was cute to see Kaguya more up front with how she feels is always a treat, even if that often sends her into a blushing fit of embarrassment. Especially since Shirogane kind of tricked her into saying something about him being the president again. It’s honestly touching to see them progress as Shirogane really didn’t have much to gain to becoming president again, but seeing the desperation in Kaguya wanting him to take up the position again, he decided to reapply for it. Shirogane sure is a selfless guy.

This was a pretty cute episode, especially when it seems that Kaguya and Shirogane are acting more on their feelings rather than being competitive with one another. We’ll have to see how far they end up going. Especially now that the new character will finally be introduced most likely next episode. I’m not a fan of characters being integrated into the group late, so I wonder if this new character can convince me that she’s a good fit.


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  1. KIm Thompson

    What cracked me up was when Ishigami pulled out a roll of toilet paper (from episode 1). Sly comment on current events perhaps?

    1. Shadow

      Oh yeah, for sure XD Poor Ishigami missed out on a lot of events….

  2. alex

    This is a roller coaster episode for me tho… I thought they will actually disband… And the scene where Chika cried really made me sad and realize every good things will come to an end….

    Nice strategy from Shirogane in the end.. made me laugh and grateful that their student council’s journey still continued… 🤩🤩

    1. Shadow

      I figured they would all stay in the student council since they showed them still in the student council room in the opening with the new characters that have yet to be introduced yet. So it felt… mildly manipulative to try and get us to think they would disband, but I’ll forgive it since it showed that Shirogane wasn’t even planning on continuing on as the president. But yeah, I’m glad that Shirogane decided to keep going as the president and hopefully the whole group will get back together because their chemistry is so great.

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