Mewkledreamy – Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

Oh goodie! Another magical series to watch!
And do I dare to dream… could it be there is potential for romance?! [RUNS AWAY]

I knew I was going to enjoy Mewkledreamy when not even two minutes into the episode, I had burst into a fit of laughter. And it was hard not to when you have the perfect combination of cuteness and chaos!

It starts off with introducing us to the world of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom, where the fairy craftsmen were creating stuffed animals and as the Queen comes to check in to see if they are ready to distribute them to their Dream Partners, a fairy comes in and plainly announced, “I dropped it”.

It was such a simple statement, yet I was in stitches. I guess it’s because they were so freaking adorable and then you see them screw up like that, it makes it all them more amusing.

The one the fairy had dropped from the sky was none other than Mew, who luckily falls right into the hands of her new dream partner, Yume. I suppose part of this was because the Queen intervened by dropping into the Yume’s dream to tell her— only to be interrupted by the dog waking her up. Either way, even if she did tell her, Yume wasn’t getting the message. She was too busy dreaming about food, and had thought she was the Queen of Buns.

What makes this episode so much fun to watch is the chaotic first encounter. Yume reacted in a way what you would normally expect one to behave when a talking stuffed animal falls from the sky. Simply put, Yume wasn’t having any of it and fled. It was quite entertaining to watch her deny the reality, and justifiably was terrified Mew helped herself to her breakfast. After-all, it’s definitely not normal for a stuffed animal to eat real food.

More hilarity followed when Mew had to deal with Kyu, Yume’s pet dog, who was pretty good around her.
Consider yourself lucky Mew, that he didn’t mistaken you for a chew toy.

Although this premiere was fun to watch, it didn’t exactly tell us much about the plot. It mostly served as a basic introduction episode. I was rather surprised that they didn’t actually tell us anything about the purpose of being paired up with Dream Partners. At best, all they did explained that (and I quote from the manual itself), “This stuffed animal can go into the world of dreams by connecting her heart with her owner, her Dream Partner.” And then they showed the magic when they handled her mother’s case done on the whim when Yume noticed something was amiss with her mother. So it is an understatement to say this premiere, while it was fun to watch, it was pretty bare boned.

Speaking of the case, it was hilarious! When she was possessed by the antagonist’s “Abyss Stone”, I was half expecting her to wreck havoc at the office, but instead she snaps at her colleagues (who later pleaded guilty for needlessly dumping their problems onto her to solve), and go wild on indulging herself. So for something that was said to be responsible for destroying Human’s sparkling dream, I found it rather ironic how it looked like she was having a good time.

And then, when they went into her dream, I had expected to see it morph into nightmare, but nope, they just find her mom partying hard. At this point, the worst thing it had done was make her go wild. But in turn it helped her relieve her stress, so it’s not a total loss I guess? I guess it would have been bad if she had attempted to carry out that mentality of into the real world (and it’s probable that she would have had they not dealt with it). Either way, it leaves me with the impression that the antagonists in this series may end up being the light-hearted types, where the troubles they cause are more akin to mischief rather than harm to the individual. Of course with this series being 48 episodes long, there is more than enough time for their activities to be perceived as a more serious threat.

However the one thing that did fall short to me was the whole magic scene. I found the whole purification delivery to be incredibly bland and underwhelming. Clearly I have been spoiled by Precure. But when I thought about it some more, it actually reminded me a bit of Sugar Sugar Rune’s transformation and way they presented their spells. It had always been super short and basic, something I thing Mewkledreamy should have done since it was dragged out longer than it really needed to be. Perhaps had the pace for that been a bit more snappy and energetic, it might have appealed to me better as well.

With that said, I am still undecided about picking this series up. I was actually surprised by the amount I ended up writing today. Fluffy shows like this one can be extremely difficult for me to cover when there isn’t enough plot substance for me to discuss. On top of that, I am already committed to covering two other series that are 45+ episodes (Healin’ Good Precure and YGO SEVENS), so if I were to pick it up for the long haul, it would severely limit how new titles I could pick up in the upcoming seasons. But since I am an absolute sucker for these type of shows, so I open to giving it up to three episodes to start to see if this is a series I would be intersted in investing my time into. We’ll have to see how the next episode plays out.

Possibility of Blogging: Low – Willing to give up to three episodes to see if I would be interested in pick this one up.


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