Princess Connect! Re: Dive Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins ~Sautéed Mushrooms at Sunset~ [First Impressions]

This entire episode summarized:

Kokkoro: :X

Wow, I have to start by saying what a gorgeous show. The animation is so crisp and clean, so pretty. The characters are all adorable aesthetically. The monsters are goofy as shit, but still solid too. I loved the RPG-esque music too. This is so rare for an isekai, to be this high quality. Who gave them this budget? Although, as far as isekai goes, it doesn’t look like Yuuki comes from a normal world either. Based on his power up in the mushroom fight, he appears to have sacrificed himself for, well, I’d have to guess a Princess of some sort. Also, is he.. the Princess Knight? Is that like, he’s a Knight to protect the Princess, or… ? It actually doesn’t even have isekai in the genre tags. Does isekai necessitate coming from a boring world first?

It’s unfortunate that I now have to say that the animation and soundtrack is juuust about the only thing I liked in episode 1… The comedy did not hit, at all. Ok, well the first time they used the jokes it was funny, but my god the repetition. They seriously somehow already used the same 2 jokes, 3 times each in a single episode. Like, c’mon man. Kokkoro’s face is cute, I can’t even begin to deny that, but just do something else. Am I being too harsh? Probably. I really want to like this show! It’s not just that that got me.

I was digging Yuuki as the silent protagonist, even if he’s weak. That’s a skill thing, y’know. He can get better as a fighter once he regains memories. However, I didn’t count on him being completely amnesiac, not knowing how to speak or what money is. Why would you even eat money if you didn’t know what it was? Memory block aside, for now he’s basically an idiot. Maybe that will change, maybe not. And even with complete memory loss, the inability to speak, and zero fighting skills, he’s somehow still not the dumbest one in the party.

Pucchi-Pecorine. She’s really out here trying to give that guy his medicine, isn’t she? Ahhh, I hate it. At least she’s op though. Without a sword, she’s still taking down monsters. So at least she has that going for her. She’s also a princess, which probably is the whole Princess Knight business. So this guy just dies and revives to protect Princesses. Interesting, if true.

And Kokkoro is basically going to be their caretaker in the party. The mom of the group.

Now, I’m not disregarding the show immediately. There is a chance that as they get stronger, he becomes more competent (I don’t count on Pucchi becoming smarter even a little bit). It’s just that right now, the intelligence ratio is off. I can’t handle more dumb people than not dumb people, you know? I need someone to step up to the plate really fast. Pacing is a major factor too. Without knowing the source material, I feel like there’s also the chance he doesn’t get smarter within this season. That would make this an instant ‘no’ for me.

The quickest show I can think of to compare it to is probably Konosuba. Maybe a bit of Endro~! vibes too. The difference is I liked both of those shows a lot. And I know they can be a bit repetitive and had idiots too, so I’m not sure why I dislike this one so far… Would it make sense to say that those shows had different kinds of idiots? Maybe it’s the fact that in this show they’re so innocent too. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it!

Regardless, I have no intention of dropping it yet. The very end with the flashback and then the narration by Ameth is enough to make me at least give it the 3 ep rule. I also like the food themed titles! I wonder how hard they’ll go with the whole food thing. At the very least, it appears Pucchi cannot stop eating for seconds before getting hungry.

PS Why did a mushroom hold up Kokkoro with a sword to her throat but not kill her if the one with the pitchfork was going to kill her anyway? Food for thought. Literally, I guess.

Possibility of Blogging: Ehhhhh, episode 3 will decide your fate.

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