Tower of God Episode 3: The Correct Door

You know, with Rachel being on all the promo art I should have expected maybe her showing up, but this soon? It also makes the events in episode one even more confusing? I thought Rachel already climbed the tower, or at least was making progress in it. That’s why Bam went in after her, to hopefully find her and meet up with her. Now it’s confusing because here she is, and apparently she’s strong as hell, but she was doing the battle royale test and was actually behind Bam and the rest until she and her team murdered everyone? I’m wondering what the heck happened.

This episode was decent. The door test may have been more interesting if they spent more time on it since I like these type of mindgame tests, but it was solved pretty quickly because of Rak. I’m also not sure if it was because Khun’s backstory being combined with it made the test less…exciting? Even though I knew they’d be killed off (somehow from the portal thing?), I feel like the stakes weren’t that high so the test wasn’t as interesting for me. I suppose this test was mostly for Khun’s character growth as the test administrator made clear. Khun was able to learn from this test to learn how to trust his teammates as he’s always closed himself off from others and chooses not to trust them since he’s been betrayed before by someone he dearly loved. I don’t exactly blame him for not believing creepy inflatable balloon man since in these types of situations, there’s always someone trying to screw over the others. But then he had to open his big mouth about the princess and almost get himself killed, but flailing inflatable tube man was actually ordered to give the groups the same hint by Hansung Yu to see how they would react to it, and whether they’d follow through or not.

The test was incredibly convenient for Khun, though I’m not sure I care for it. It’s true that Khun needs to trust others, especially his own companions that are fighting alongside him. It’s just that the three of them have barely been working together so I don’t really see them as close. Still, it’ll at least make them working together later on much easier, especially since he really wants to help Bam meet with Rachel since he saw a bit of his old self in him. I’m not sure if this episode really made me like him more or not, but at least there’s some depth with him.

The crown game seems more exciting, and Anaak really showed off how powerful she is. Bam’s Black March seems to be reacting to her weapon since, if I remember correctly, she also has a special weapon of Jahad. She’s still freakishly strong without her weapon though, so it’ll be cool to see the other groups try to fight them for the crown. With that, Rachel is most likely going to be revealed and there’ll probably be a lot of drama happening between her and Bam.

There was also a tiny bit of worldbuilding this episode when Bam learned what the sky was. So I guess he really was living underground his whole life for him not to know what even the sky is. Khun explained it matter of factly but I’m surprised he didn’t react more to that. But it’s interesting that their sky is actually just an imitation of the real thing made by Shinsu, and that stars in the night sky are actually things of legend. Which explains why Rachel wanted to see stars so badly. What a strange world they live in, and yet there’s still so much more that we don’t know about.

Was a decent episode this time around, but I feel like things are really going to pick up by next episode with the crown game and Rachel. Prepare for the drama!


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  1. I think Rachel’s team is in a different section that happened at the same time as Bam’s section? I think that kinda makes sense since Bam entering the tower doesnt look that much late after Rachel, it looks like right after Rachel…maybe she was also in another section and finished the first test at the same time as Bam.

    I think Rachel appears this soon can cause conflict in Bam. If Bam finds her already, then he probably doesnt want to climb the tower anymore and tries to persuade her to go back, but he has friends and etc so he feels conflict about what he wants? This can be a good development for Bam….though it would be annoying for me if Bam starts going after Rachel and forgets his team lmao.

    1. Hmm it could be. I didn’t think there would be other sections of the tower but…haha, it’s a tower. There probably is, so yeah you may be right.

      Ooh that’s true! Bam is only in there to find Rachel so it’s possible he’ll just want to stop, but there’s no way Rachel is going to stop. Unfortunately I can see Bam being a little selfish and naive and only focus on her and sort of forget his team, but I can see those two scenarios happening at the same time, or at least him ignoring his team and then feeling conflicted about it. But yes this will be some great development for Bam since right now he’s probably the most boring of the characters, but at least he has the chance to grow a lot.

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