Man this one is a hard one to write about because in summary: I was laughing my head off from start to finish. I seriously can’t with these guys. But I must say, I am happy Gakuto isn’t another one of those cardboard cutouts of the uptight, by-the-book Student Council President. The way he gets caught up in Yuga and the others’ whims are so much fun, and best of all, he got their backs, which is something we don’t often see with this role. I also love how they managed to make him overdramatic without feeling redundant or annoying. We also got to see he has a little habit of using cringe-worthy puns!

My favourite scene of the episode though had to be when Yuga dragged Gakuto out of the job to have him serve as their camera man for their promotional video of rush duels. I was in stitches when Rook ambitiously suggested they have Romin sing in the background and she just freaked out because she says she’s a guitarist not a singer, so Yuga suggested Gakuto to do it. Little did he know, the guy is actually tone-deaf! (Oh and this is lousy: they can’t sing anything besides the school anthem, which is the ED Song!)

More hilarity ensues when Yuga’s tinkering shenanigans when he programs Kaizo (his robot assistant) to serve as a Bot to smash the “like” button to up-vote their video for better promotion. (I am glad we can see he still has love for Romin). There was also Rook being the goof-ball he is, suggesting he dance for the video only to remember he can’t, or how he is ambitiously aiming for the Student Council President seat, only to be defeated by Gakuto who was re-elected back in after resigning. (We all saw that coming!)

This kind of dynamic between the four of them really makes me their friendship even more. We can all agree that VRAINS severely lacked this kind of organically tight-knitted group of friends. It is very heartwarming, and after so much doom and gloom (and don’t get me wrong, I dig that kind of angsty storylines), I think a lot of us can agree that this is a welcomed change of pace, at least for the mean time until the plot finally takes its course.

Truthfully this was the kind of episode I would usually release as a double-post because it was tricky for me to write about (as it always is when comedy is at play). However given the situation right now, it is too unpredictable to know whether or not it will be the next show to be postponed, so for as long as the situation remains this way, some of my entries will be shorter than average. At this time, there has been no word of postponement yet, I am hoping that because they ended YGO VRAINS earlier, that they were actually able to gain some grounds in terms of amount of episodes that have been produced in advance to avoid the production difficulties they experienced with VRAINS so early on. However given the situation at the moment, I imagine it will only be a matter of time before YGO SEVENS joins the list.

We are doing our part of trying to keep everyone up to speed with the postponements by being on top of the announcements and retweeting the news on our twitter, and then updating our posts with the notice if it happens to be one of the series we are covering. We are also in the process of preparing an announcement of what we will be doing to adapt to the situation, it should be out in the coming days, we just want to finalize a couple of things we have planned out.

And since 4/5 of my coverages are on the list of postponements sooooo, this is the last one standing at this point. I have been thinking hard on what is the best course of action for me to take without putting myself in a bad spot when the shows eventually resumes. Anyways, I will keep you posted!

Note: For those who are wondering about what I plan to do about Precure, since the majority of my shows are now postponed, I decided I will be covering one of the older titles now. The entry will be out either tonight or tomorrow (I’m a bit under the weather today). You’ll see which one I am picking up then!


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  1. FirePhoenix120

    A thing you can do when SEVENS eventually gets dealayed, is to go back and continue with ZEXAL, In the beggining ZEXAL is slow but it only becomes better and better, and that second half man, without spoiling anything I can say that it was really good, so maybe you can try to do that?

    1. Eva

      Picking up an older YGO series I hadn’t had the chance to complete its coverage has been something I had considered as well. YGO 5DS was the first thing to come to mind because I love that series so much and I couldn’t complete it because I was forced to go on a health hiatus, but ZEXAL could also be an interesting choice given I have heard how much better it gets later on, and I would be going back into it blind.

      However as I have mentioned: I am trying to be extremely cautious with how many shows I pick up. It will be very risky for me to cover 7 shows once everything is back on air, and it will eat up the slots saved for new seasonal titles.

      Additionally, YGO is much longer than Precure (49 episodes) VS YGO (120+ episodes on average). However as much as I would have liked to restart 5DS’ coverage from the beginning again, it is in a more favourable position of 113/154 episodes covered (40 episodes left), while Zexal 26/146 (120 episodes left).

      Needless to say, I have always wanted to go back and cover both Precure and YGO’s older series I hadn’t completed or gotten to finish covering, and I know you guys would love to see it as well.

      So I am trying my best to sort out a strategy of how I can still cover an older title of both Precure and YGO without putting myself in an unfavourable situation where I burn myself out. 🙂

  2. Kazanova

    It’s official, Gakuto is my second favorite character in SEVENS now! I just love him so much in this episode! I pretty much already understand that he’s not the stereotypical uptight student council president from his debut since he helped Yuga, but I never expected him to be good at sports. I thought he’s more of smart but suck at sport type. This is a pleasant surprise.

    It never ceases to amaze me just how confident Rook is. I wonder where did he get his confidence from that he is so sure he’ll be chosen. Yuga and Romin already learned to ignore him once he’s like that. Really, that scene when they just walked out while Rook is imagining is just so…! XD

    Ranze and Rinnosuke referring Gakuto as “Lord Gakuto” makes me wonder if they are more than just vice-president and secretary of Goha Elementary School. Maybe their family served Gakuto’s family or something since they helped him with his Sougetsu Duel style. Ranze’s voice is so different that I couldn’t recognize her having the same VA as Emma.

    However you will cover the series you’re writing, I’ll support you. Don’t force yourself. Take a break if you need to. Good luck!

    1. Eva

      Gakuto is really a great character <3 It was really funny to see him playing rudgby! XD I didn’t expect him to be good at it either haha, I lost it when he sang – at least that show he isn’t totally perfect HAHA!

      I love how the others have already grown accustomed to Rook’s personality and knows when to leave him, it’s hilarious. I am quite amazed by how well they are landing the comedic cues. They are doing such an excellent job of doing it so tastefully!

      Thanks! I appreciate the thoughts! <3

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