Oof, 5 minute recap plus opening and ending. Reminds me of One Piece. I get it though. You gotta keep the hype train going. It really, really sucks that the conclusion of this arc is delayed and the airing date is TBD (from what I’ve heard so far at least). Kuroko’s recap slowly turning into a Misaka rant though. Perfect.

This was just a good Kuroko episode in general. I thought Baba’s demise was good, but Kuroko drop-kicking Kozaku in the back of the head and tanking the knife to the hand instead of teleporting was just so cathartic. That punch to the face. Ooo, baby. Despite her villainess demeanor, Kozaku seemed to be on quite a guilt trip about having to kill her. I mean, she got over it really fast but any remorse is still remorse, right?! kinda, maybe…

Uiharu’s work this episode of course saved the day. Kozaku’s face when she was like, there are thousands of drones are you telling me you managed to find the single one that I hacked into???, and Kuroko was just like. Yes. So many good moments this episode.

We can’t overlook Shokuho’s victory though. I figured that’s what she’d done as soon as Gensei said ‘I can tell you have no tricks left’, but it was still hype. That whole sequence of trap scenes was so dumb. That he has a mostly artificial body and chose the perfect abilities to evade traps. I guess he is a genius scientist though so it’s not that surprising. Looks like he needed better Rinnegan powers. I don’t get why he collapsed though. I know Shokuho said if she destroyed it carelessly that it would affect the mental out user but then she made a separate point of saying, oh but I can deactivate it with the self destruct code – with the issue being that Gensei had access privileges so she couldn’t use it herself. But the man’s down and out and that’s all I really care about.

The way Shokuho came to the conclusion to just scrap it was hilarious to me. She’s spent YEARS building this, poured probably millions of dollars and hours into it. I thought it’d be some huge dilemma for her. She’d eventually decide to just shut it down because there was literally no other way. Nope lol. Ahh, this costs so much upkeep and all it does is boost my ability. Why do I even have this thing? Fuck it. Let’s shut it down, who cares.

And to think this whole time our boys Sogiita and Touma were just getting pounded on the frontlines. It looks like Sogiita was thoroughly beaten, leaving Touma to finish the job, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back with his willpower. I love the names of his moves. Just a super ultra hyper, extra super ultimate punch. ‘Hey boss, how many keywords do you want in this guy’s moveset?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Aight.’

Misaka turning cosmic was preeetty cool. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. It looks like there’s a crack in the armor now though so she’ll be able to fight a bit from the inside as well. One more right hand should do it.

Ok ok, so this definitely may be me having the worst memory in the world, but did we know before what Kozaku’s backstory was? That she was involved with Dolly, I mean. I am piecing together that she was the friend Shokuho was originally told to impersonate, but have they told us that or is that something we were supposed to assume? This damn quarantine is turning my brain into mush.

We don’t know when episode 14 is coming out, but I’ll be ready to watch it when it does. I’m prepared. Also, I know and am sorry I missed two episodes. I stupidly thought this was going to be like a July-level delay so I didn’t think it made sense to keep covering. I didn’t realize they were going to stagger release it still. My apologies!