A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 14 – Dragon Strike (Jaw of the Dragon King)

Wow, I totally forgot there’s just a dragon orgy in his arm that comes out when it gets cut off. This was such a hype last episode and did I… Did I see potential romance development?! Ooo baby, now that’s a conclusive ending. I don’t really know when this show will finished. It’s listed as 25 episodes on MyAnimeList, but to be honest I’m just really happy they hit a good break spot because this was perfect.

That last push by Sogiita was insaaane. And then Touma having 5 dragons spout out of his arm to eat away the power, the light punch on the forehead as he gave her his jacket! SO SMOOTH. I loved it all. We hardly interacted with him but Sogiita is so dumb-cool. He can get his bones to stick together and bleeding to stop just with willpower. God damn. And of course Touma’s arm came back like it always does. I hope one day we get to see the true power of Imagine Breaker.

If I’m not mistaken, Sogiita also implies that they created shadow metal. He says, ‘was that metal there before’ and earlier in the season they explain it comes about as a result of massive amounts of abilities clash. And I think a level 5.5 and a level 5 using their full power against each other is probably the closest possible thing you can get to massive amounts of power. There’s no way this isn’t shadow metal. It is white, and I was expecting like a black metal, but it can’t be anything else. I wonder how it will come into play. Shokuho had a secret rendezvous with Kouzaku, probably she brainwashed Kuroko into forgetting about that too. I assumed it was because of their shared past at the facility with Dolly. But maybe Shokuho will use her metal controlling abilities with the shadow metal? Or maybe it’s going to get harvested by some evil people.

Ayyy, Kongo! I missed her. She hit us with that wisdom too. The strong and virtuous will create their own paths. Even if they don’t think of themselves that way or talk like they are, it’s the people around them that decide. I love Kongo. She was so cute when she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to be happy when she heard that the two girls saved her. Aww, of course you can be happy Kongo! And when she admits she’s the type that boasts loudly even though she’s not strong. 🙁

No Kongo, you’re such a peach!

So Shokuho manipulated everyone’s memories and they just think there was a mild terrorist incident that has been resolved and that Misaka had… a deadly bathroom incident. I loved the prelude speech where Misaka was like, I may not like her but I know she saved my clone and you know I think we’ll really be able to compromise in the future! And then the bathroom conversation. “Fine. I’ll kill you, Shokuhou Misaki.” So calmly too.

zoom And theeeere goes the festival. Glad we got that out of the way. I like Saten a lot, I always have. But who knew I could like her even more. That was some grade A (for effort at least) wingwoman material. Uiharu coming in with the assist by shutting Kuroko up was just perfect. Couldn’t have asked for more. Those faces when Uiharu and Saten realized what was happening between Misaka and Touma, there’s a reason I like those two so much. Misaka was so precious when she was dancing with him, up until the dropkick that is.

All in all, this was a great ending to a pretty gooood season. I’ll keep covering as episodes come out and hopefully the show finishes airing before the end of the decade.

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