Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 5: Separation from the Past

I ended up liking this episode more than last week’s, now that we got a quick look into Yuto’s backstory. They made it pretty obvious that it was Nayuta he dealt with in the past, but interesting that Wataru’s brother and Reon were also part of the band too.

Man is Nayuta an ass. Tyrant is a good word to describe him when it comes to music and the band, but an asshole is a good way to describe him in general. We didn’t get to see the band together all that much since the episode focused on Yuto’s backstory, which mostly dealt with his distaste of Nayuta’s ways. Kenta also shows up a lot, so we’ll see the other members later. When it comes to wanting successful, what are you willing to do to grasp it? Gyroaxia is definitely a successful band, and Nayuta does have a big role in it. Apart from being the vocalist, he also composes and writes the lyrics to all of their songs. He’s a genius basically, and it’s pretty amazing. Too bad his attitude completely sucks. He wants nothing but the best and will have no problem calling you out on your mistakes, or straight up calling you trash if he hates you enough. But because of this, it has propelled Gyroaxia to become a pretty big deal. Once Yuto hears of the offer to be the opening act for them, he’s not enthusiastic at all and doesn’t even want to do it. It’s not until the (sort of) persuasion of the guys that he changed his mind.

Yuto’s want for a close-knit band with good attitudes makes more sense now, considering the crap he had to deal with before. It’s understandable why he wasn’t a fan of Banri before. I wish that he could have told them what problem was since they are a band. They’re supposed to trust each other and be there for each other. At least Ren got it out of him, but the rest were able to catch up to the drama too.

Nayuta is a huge jerk, but I’m surprised Wataru didn’t call out his brother. We still don’t really know how close they were back then, but the fact that Kenta straight up just followed after Nayuta and easily left Yuto is kind of shitty. Yeah, I guess it paid off in the end because he’s in a popular band and all that, but damn I wonder if Yuto holds any bitter feelings toward Kenta for just leaving him like that, like it was nothing. Again, that depends on how close they all were back then. Well…considering Nayuta was in the band, I’m going to guess not really.

But I’m glad we were able to see a weaker side to Yuto. He’s always been the super positive one, and since we were focused on the other characters and their desires and backstories, we haven’t had enough time to really get to know Yuto. We got a bit here, and it’ll be interesting to see whether or not he and Nayuta can maybe patch things up. I’m also interested in Wataru and his relationship with his brother, since it seems a little strained. Just a little, since they’re able to have normal conversations but there’s still a bit of awkwardness that I’d like to know the reason for. Still, at least when it comes to Yuto, he was able to put his past behind him and take this huge opportunity for Argonavis. Like the guys said, this is an opportunity not just anyone is able to have and this could really propel their popularity. They end up doing the performance, even though Nayuta didn’t even want them to once he found out who they were. Argonavis perform Steady Goes and do well, but Nayuta doesn’t have the best reaction to it. I wonder what his problem with them is now?

The episode opened up with Gyroaxia’s performance, and wow it was pretty amazing. A very loud and powerful performance, the lyrics really reflected Nayuta’s arrogant personality really well. Fitting since he writes the lyrics. They really have an edge to them, which I actually really like. Argonavis is the typical “main character” group, if that makes sense. Not anything too crazy, not too out there, not too edgy, just…safe? Not that that’s a bad thing, but the main group in every music show is usually the same. Like I said in my reviews about Chu2 and Raise a Suilen in Bang Dream! Season 3, I love the edge and arrogance in the music, but not the character. Now, I wonder if Nayuta will have some character growth that’ll actually make me appreciate him. Who knows, but I’m at least looking forward to how Gyro and Argo will interact with each other from now on.

I’m also looking forward to Gyro’s OP for the anime. :3c


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