Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 6: Meteor Shower

This was an…okay episode. I suppose I shouldn’t feel too surprised of Yuto’s feelings, but then again I still kind of am considering I feel like there wasn’t enough buildup to his decision. Like I’ve been saying many times, I feel like the show is kind of going too quickly for my liking. I’m also starting to wonder if the game (that hopefully will still come out this year) is going to go into more depth on Argonavis’ story, and if this anime is just giving us a little taste.

I get that Yuto feels a little weird since he’s around his old bandmates and while Gyroaxia is definitely very talented, Argonavis still had a pretty good performance and there was a lot of positive feedback. The guys felt good about their performance, and while Nayuta is still an asshole, he didn’t even say anything too mean. It was only directed at Ren anyway. What’s more, Argonavis got invited to do a solo live! Being the opening act for Gyroaxia really was a good idea, so everything is supposed to be fine, right?

Without hinting it, Yuto gives the boys his resignation from the band through text message because he feels that he’s not good enough for Argonavis. Like I said, I know that Yuto hasn’t been in the right mindset ever since the opening act offer was given to them, but considering how successful their performance was, I thought this came out of nowhere.

It’s funny, because Yuto was the one that was most adamant about creating the band, so for him to bail out like that is a little ridiculous. His reasoning is being that he’s not good at the guitar and no matter how much he practices, he just can’t get better at it. He wants Argonavis to reach the same heights as Gyroaxia, and even farther but thinks he’ll only hold them back. Because if Nayuta and the others thought that he was a nuisance, then surely he’d continue to be one with Argonavis too. Of course none of the other guys feel this way, and they were all pretty shocked when they all got that message. I guess I can understand Yuto’s feelings in all this, but the fact that he straight up sent this through a measly text was baffling. Banri was right to be kinda pissed since I would have felt the same way. He’s made mistakes before, we’ve already seen them, but he should know by now that his band will always have his back so he should feel comfortable talking to them about whatever. The street performance with Ren and Yuto was really nice, and their voices are very pretty so I enjoyed it.

I just didn’t think there was enough to warrant Yuto’s decision. Or better yet, if they were going to do this, then they should have spent more time on Yuto’s feelings. Again…the pacing. I feel like it happened out of nowhere and it happened too quickly. I do feel like when the game comes out, they’ll do a better job with the pacing and fleshing things out more. I did like the beginning of the episode when Yuto mentioned his love for music, pushing away the other paths that his family had expected him to take. Music is really important to him, so how was he really feeling when he decided to quit the band. Did he really want to, or did he just force himself to? What were his thoughts? I guess right now, everything feels a little too surface level for my liking. I just wish they spent more time on it.

Looks like next week we might get more focus on Gyroaxia since it looks like they’re about to debut and the manager, who I think might be Nayuta’s dad, has something in store. Let’s see what that’ll be.


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