And here was the moment I had been waiting for. And sadly, it’s the final Yuki x Tohru scene. Yeah, they may get smaller scenes after this, however, they’ll have a different feel from now on and I’m sad. At this point, Yuki has finally figured out just what Tohru is to him. It hurts to learn that Yuki most likely always loved Tohru, but more so as a mother figure (though that won’t stop me from shipping them). However, looking back at the first season and the episodes leading up to this moment, there were proper amounts of hints and foreshadowing, even if I don’t like admitting to them. But even I could see them.  And while I was just being hit with a thousand different emotions, I sensed this was a goodbye of sorts. Just how they were portraying this scene felt like Yuki was saying his final words before going separate ways. There was just a sense of finality in this moment with how he thanked Tohru for all that she had done for him and being the first person to show him that he isn’t useless.

I do like that meeting with Akito didn’t cause Yuki to backtrack on his development and actually was able to stand his ground against Akito’s verbal manipulations. He didn’t fall back into his old ways of self loathing and isolation just like Akito expected him to, he was able to stand firm in Tohru’s support and encouragement and accept and believe that he was needed, that he matters. And while I’m sad to see my ship has officially broke down in canonverse, I am still so proud of Yuki and how far he’s come, even in the face of his abuser. From now we’ll expect to see a shift in the dynamics. Yuki will stop taking Tohru’s kindness for himself and instead will take it and be able to share it with others. His development will continue marching forward, without Tohru leading him by the hand. I just wish that he had told Tohru that he was the same boy who had helped her all those years ago. Guess I’ll just have to settle for that FREAKING ADORABLE FOREHEAD KISS.

But man, I’d be lying if I said Nobunaga Shimazaki’s performance didn’t absolutely SLAY me at the end along being accompanied by a beautiful ending song. He did SO WELL in portraying Yuki’s warring emotions at the end and just how much Tohru meant to him. Not to mention the visuals were just freaking gorgeous. Ugh.. my heart… T^T

Along with the shift of Yuki and Tohru’s dynamic, we also see how their relationship is in contrast with Kyo and Tohru. And while I am not a fan of Kyo x Tohru, I can still see their chemistry and that their development goes both ways with one another. Kyo helps push Tohru to open up about what is bothering her, something she feels like she always needs to hold back. While Tohru helps bring the more gentle side out of Kyo. Right now, we’re still at the start of their development with each other, so I’ll probably go more into depth about it later on, despite my displeasure.

And then there’s Hiro who found out that his mom is pregnant. At first, it seemed like this was a wonderful moment, it slowly turns into something a little more sad when the others express relief that the child won’t be born a Zodiac animal like the rest of them since all of them are alive. I can’t even imagine how it must feel to worry about a child being loved by their parents because they might be possessed by a family curse. It just sounds so outlandish and fantasy-like, but that is the reality that these characters live in. All of them have suffered one way or another being children possessed by the Zodiac spirits. It’s honestly a really sad thought and it makes me hope for a brighter future for these characters after the years of having to live under these circumstances.

I’m also still waiting on your apology, Hiro. I see that you are fully aware that your words hurt Tohru, SO FREAKING APOLOGIZE.

I honestly cannot stand Akito. The way Akito believes the whole world revolves around him is just so infuriating, especially when he doesn’t find anything wrong with how he treats the Zodiac members. The whole reason he decided to attend this summer trip was to give the Zodiac members, particularly Yuki, a “friendly” reminder of what their places are and also forcefully trying to rip them away from Tohru. It’s honestly really sad to see the other Zodiac members get tense whenever Akito is involved, namely Hiro and Kisa. But it breaks my heart that Kisa seemed more concerned about Akito hurting Tohru instead of thinking about her own well being since Akito literally beat Kisa into a hospital. Kisa cares so much about Tohru and would most likely get between her and Akito if it ever came down to that. Akito has had such a solid grip on them, especially when it comes to Kureno, not even wanting him to meet with the other members. For anime only watchers, it may be confusing as to why Kureno is so isolated and Akito seems particularly controlling when it comes to him, but it will definitely be touched upon later. Most likely not in this season (probably), but there is a rather big reason.

And while I’ve griped on Shigure for doing some pretty shady and underhanded plays through out the series, I do have to commend him for wanting things to change instead of letting things go as they are as Hatori puts what he is doing. Though I still believe that doesn’t justify manipulating Tohru and the others. However, it does feel rather satisfying to see Akito be wrong about things, namely Yuki. HE WON’T BEND TO YOU ANYMORE. Things have been changing since Tohru came into their lives and I don’t think Akito’s influence can keep them locked down forever as shown with Yuki.

I loved this episode even if it made me sad. But I’m just so proud to see how far Yuki has come and even came to terms with difficult feelings whether it be how he really feels about Tohru or facing Akito. The Yuki x Tohru arc in canon has come to a close, but this is just the beginning of Yuki’s story. He’s been given all the prerequisites and is now setting off on his own adventure.


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  1. Kazanova

    Dang it! For the past few episodes, I’ve been tortured with all these Yuki×Tohru moments! I also like KyoxTohru just fine, but this…! This is…! Too beautiful and sweet! Come on! My heart! (TT_TT)

    Ah, the news of Hiro’s mother’s pregnancy and the watermelon. Thank goodness it’s not skipped. Funnily, once, when I was younger, I actually did try to cut a watermelon the same way as Tohru…and with the same result XD

    Yeah, I just hate Akito in this episode. I wanna see everyone just dumped Akito and stay with Tohru. I know how it turns out to be about Akito, but whenever watching Akito like this just keeps making my blood boil. And Shigure too! They should have buried him in the sand and use his head as replacement for the watermelon to be hit.

    1. Shadow

      I was apprehensive about this scene because I knew that this was the final moment my ship would have a legit moment and I am SAD. And Nobunaga Shimazaki did a wonderful job conveying all of Yuki’s feelings and it was just all too beautiful and I can’t.

      Ahahaha awww. I’m sure it hurt XD;;;

      Ah if only… at least we got Hatori threatening him at least. And yeah, Akito just needs to stop.

  2. Katy

    Aw, I thought over the last few episodes I was picking up more romantic vibes for the TohruxKyo relationship compared to TohruxYuki, but I’m a little disappointed I was right. I can’t say I was heavily invested in either ship, but I have a tendency to relate to characters who are on the quieter, shy and awkward side, so I definitely related more to Yuki and appreciated how Tohru was bringing him out of his shell (and vice versa, to a certain extent). Plus, I know there were extenuating emotional circumstances, but I really disliked the way Kyo physically lashed out at Tohru at the end of last season.

    Akito is the worst. Pure scum, and I only get more entrenched in that opinion every time we get more information about him.

    Anime-only viewer here – I got the impression that Kureno and Yuki may have shared a similar role before Yuki broke away – isolated and abused plaything for Akito to be possessive over.

    I’m guessing it’ll be a long time before Akito gets his comeuppance. I’ll cross my fingers that Shigure’s schemes eventually pay off… without too much collateral damage.

    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Shadow

      Yeah, I feel like I have to give props to the mangaka for clearly showing the differences between the Yuki x Tohru and the Kyo x Tohru ships, even if I’m not happy about it. And yeah, I’m with you on the type of ships I go for and Yuki was just a sweetie towards Tohru and vice versa. Sadly it’s just not meant to be… well at least there’s fanfiction lol. Kyo’s tendency to lash out violently has always been a big turn off for me towards his character.

      Akito is definitely an interesting case, but he’s just the absolute worst. While there is a reason behind his abuse, it’s just not justifiable.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review! 😀 (I was very emotional for this one lol)

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