Gleipnir Episode 6

What… what am I supposed to talk about this week. It feels like nothing happened except testing out who does well at stopping other people’s advances (hint, it’s not Shuichi!).

So there is a group that shares the vision of trying to end this coin collecting bananza asap while keeping the coins out of evil people’s hands. It was pretty smart of Clair to use the toad guy’s phone to backtrace and find out info. I’m shocked that toad guy actually is dead. I thought they were playing us. He went down so easily. I guess just to show how strong the beetle guy really was. Anyway, I can safely assume that the telescope head is thinking he’s made the worst mistake of his life. He literally just watched the girl he’s crushing on climb inside of a dog suit made of human flesh, naked. In the middle of a forest. Like 10 minutes after meeting Shuichi. I’m not the jealous type, but yeah, that’d be pretty defeating to watch. Shoulda confessed if you had a crush tho! It’s very rare to hear a girl ask about getting inside you in a completely non-sexual way. Good job Shuichi, you’re hitting your popularity streak, kid.

Meanwhile, Clair is just randomly getting molested by the leader. Not even part of the ceremony, not the getting naked, not the groping. All she had to do was tie a piece of her hair around Clair’s neck. Cool cool cool.

This was already said in the episode, but it is kinda cool that there’s such a large variation of transformations. Obviously Shuichi didn’t have a choice, but the wish can fulfill not only physically what you think you’re lacking, but emotionally. Just by forming a proper vision, the girl was able to essentially stay the same but gain the power to make people keep secrets. That’s pretty cool, not gonna lie. So far though this group seems incredibly weak. We haven’t seen what the big looking guy or the suit guy can do, but hopefully it’s literally anything combat related because otherwise I have no idea how they’re gonna beat the other group with Clair’s sister. Also, like, does she assign a secret per hair braid? What happens if she goes bald? Does it have to strangle you or can you use it to do other stuff… so many important questions.

I wonder what the reactions will be when Clair finds out Shuichi let someone else inside of him. It’s interesting that he seems to have a ‘compatibility’ with his suit. I mean, Clair carries herself very differently and knows self-defense but she got it down pretty much immediately. I wonder if that symbolizes anything or if it just comes down to Clair’s ability to adapt. Clair and Shuichi were both in very… uncomfortable situations but Clair escaped while Shuichi was guilt tripped into it and let it happen. I like that we get a parallel example of how different they are in terms of personality.

This show has so many great moments to share with friends with no context

Next episode looks like a doozy. Hopefully they don’t find the wallet. God, I hope they’re not downwind. Oh shit, imagine if she finds out there’s a different girl inside of him. She’ll go absolutely ballistic. I can’t imagine this situation with the telescope head is going to end well either.

A telescope/camera for his head. Hmm. Was he maybe bullied a lot and no one believed him so he wished for a way to have evidence? I don’t know the psychology behind wanting a camera for a head but I’m sure, like everyone else, it’s for some fucked up reason.

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  1. NOTICE: Aplus is currently sick at the moment so Gleipnir will be released as a double-post next week, as long he is in the condition to do so.

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