Here’s the golden question. Can they just buy a metal detector or do alien souls not register as metal? They can’t be perceived on phones, but imagine how much easier it would be if they could use a detector. This plot is nutso, by the way. A party ship of aliens who turned themselves into coins to transport themselves crash landed on earth and this dude is trying to get all of his buddies back. Let’s not get into the fact that that makes no sense if they don’t need physical bodies. Does he know how many he needs? Is he gonna… leave after? He seemed a little too eager when he was talking about the giant monster destroying cities and earth. The drink/medicine he gives them helps them transform into other things, but he needs hair or DNA… this is complicated for what is basically just a battle royale anime.

I just had to facepalm while Clair ran at her sister. with the gun. Not the best choice, Clair. I also hate that her sister tried to make it sound like it was definitely Clair’s fault that their parents are dead. Well, you said you would so I did it. They were bad people. Dad did ‘bad’ things. Mom had an affair. Uhh, ok, and? Clair says to the alien that she has communication problems, but this girl is a psycho and I’m curious how we’ll find out that she fell madly in love with Shuichi. I just can’t believe how quickly that situation defused. From the sister’s perspective, she tore off the head of the person she loves and sees her sister for the first time since killing their parents and she gets a phone call and just.. well, I gotta go now. Damn, well alright.

“Clair, I can’t breathe.” DUDE YOUR HEAD IS DETACHED FROM YOUR BODY. One thing I can say, is that I really like Clair and how she’s growing. Not only could you see the fear and anger when Shuichi was potentially dead, but the relief when he finally is able to turn back to normal. After, Shuichi begs her not to use the coin because of how bad things are, but Clair admits she’s actually been able to be happy for the first time because of her time with him. It’s just so wholesome, and mixed with the fiery rage and ability to defend herself, it’s hard not to like her a lot as the show progresses.

It’s comforting to know that even shape-shifting aliens can’t resist being perverted.

Shit, Shuichi officially caught the badass disease. You’ve seen it before. The Parasyte or, more recently, Darwin’s Game (there are so many examples) transformation. That death stare, like a salaryman being let go after 20 years of menial labor. Too bad literally the entire next episode he’s back to being a wuss? He flip flops so much in character. He was like crushing his bully’s arm, he proposed just that absolutely awful question to Mifune. Poor Mifune. She just got so low-key rejected and she was just trying to be nice and get closer to him.

Well, guess the actual plot is now just one long continuous fight on the mountain as they search for coins. We’re basically running through the motions. The one fucking weirdo that controls the gang, doesn’t even look normal in human form, the guy just fighting because, the freaky tongue pervert, the elite small squad that Clair’s sister is probably part of. Let’s go! Speaking of, why are there so many animal based transformations. It’s supposed to be the user’s ideal form. I get that Shuichi is ’empty’ and making up his weaknesses by letting Clair control him, hence the zipper, but why a dog with a gun?? Probably some symbolism going over my head. Also, so many have pseudo-transformations too. Shuichi just gets wrinkly, like prunes or my fingers when they’ve been in water too long.

I like the guy who just wants to fight, but his fighting style is just to hit the ground really hard. I don’t think you know what a style is, my guy. Is the small titan looking toad guy dead dead? That seems too quick, but I also feel like they would’ve made him come back before the episode ended… Eeeeh, I really hope he’s dead.

Probably the most shocking thing is just this mountain exploding everyday in fights and no one else coming to check in on it. No cops, citizens, military. Ahh, there goes the mountain, exploding again.

I’m excited to keep watching, but right now I’m just so confused. I don’t know how serious to take the plot when most of the show seems super basic. It looks like the current goal is, prevent ‘bad’ people from getting coins, kill Clair’s sister, and test their strength. We’ve seen toad guy, beetle guy, the gorilla gang leader, and now this 3-man squad with the telescope head. I won’t even get into that. I hope we get some cool fights soon!

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  1. Dario

    To the question of why he transforms into a dog with a gun, Clair’s sister had a phone strap (it was several chapters ago, hope I’m not mixing things up) that is exactly as the plushie he transforms into.

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