Heartcatch Precure Episode 5

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Gosh darn it, had I remembered this episode was going to be about ramen, I would have made sure to pick up some to fulfill my cravings. It also made me a bit sad knowing I won’t be able to visit a delicious ramen restaurant this summer. It’s quite far away, so it’s one of those places I can only go once a year. I wish there were some close by so I could at least have the options for take-outs… Damn it, now I’m hungry.

I thought this episode was a real bittersweet one. Akira is a such a good boy. He really appealed to me because he didn’t lash out at his father like some characters would do when they feel they are not as important as their parent’s jobs. He was torn over supporting his father’s dream of making his Ramen shops a success, and expressing his loneliness of having not been able to spend time playing catch with his father like they used to. But that is also why the episode was a bit sad. After all his handwork, Akira finally made it as a regular on the baseball team, but as much as he wants his dad to come and watch, there is a part of him that feels like their promise has been long forgotten or won’t be kept, so he would rather not ask.

I suppose the one jarring thing about the execution of this episode, was Akira’s mother. She made a brief appearance, but the one time she did kind of rubbed me the wrong way because she kept on going on about the dad’s ramen, rather than noticing that Akira was clearly upset. I mean for crying out loud, it was written all over his face. At least the dad noticed. I would like to think, even if Akira hadn’t been turned into a Desertrian by Cobraja, his dad already had an inkling of what he was upset about and even after he had run out and already decided he was going to pay catch and have some heart-to-heart talk with him after work.

And if he didn’t, well I guess this is where we can thank Cobraja for his impeccable timing since it was thanks to him that Akira was turned into a monster and was able to vocalize his pain and frustration. The only thing that wasn’t good was the fact had he not cared so deeply about his father’s dream, he might have not been able to stop himself from destroying it. I mean seriously, he was able to snipe the place, and the scariest part, was that both of his parents were still standing there! Had Tsubomi not thrown herself in front of the first shot (man that was brutal), he could have killed them. Seriously, the attacks in this series are no joke. We are seeing just how violent and dangerous the enemies are, and how bystanders are actually getting seriously hurt in the process! Look no further than the last episode, where a kid was trapped in rubble!

Speaking of the enemies, I can’t help but laugh over their discussion. Look I get he was pitying Tsubomi for being “history’s weakest precure”, but his boss has a reason to be upset when he literally returned her precure tact when he had the opportunity to destroy it or keep it in his possession.

But let’s be real: Combraja was not much better. He goes out into the field, and while he did find a target, what is doing in the meantime? Doing a freaking photoshoot. He even shared his photo-card with his autograph to the girls too before they battled! He’s an eccentric one alright.

And last but not least, although the fairies didn’t have much of a showing this time round, their antics with the food and preparation was hysterical. First they had to get the bottle out of Coupe’s blackhole stomach pouch (storage space), and then to get the perfect texture they needed to shake it a certain amount. As expected, Erika was the one to pull it off since it required an stupid amount of energy. Can’t blame Tsubomi for being unable to meet the fairies’ demands.

PS: Erika absolutely ate that bowl of ramen that came from the monster after it was purified.


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