Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 5

Can we just take a moment to appreciate what a shrewd trickster Yuga actually is? He has a sunny personality, but he also has a knack of how to provoke and manipulate the situation to his favor. He did it with Romin to get her to duel, and he did it again with the Newspaper Club, cleverly bluffing that having written an article on them, Goha Corporation would shut them down just as they had by removing all their videos and blacklisting them on the web. He also showed us while he is passionate about dueling, he is willing to step aside if someone else is more interested to duel in his steed.

Rook today was…. his goof self as usual. I lost it when he actually called up Customer Service, and kept on going on about “Client Service”. He is such an idiot. Really he is… something else, but that’s why we love him right? I lost it when Gakuto showed the others how Rook had requested a special article on him and for the Newspaper Club, and they had edited his face onto an image of a King, with the others below him. Gakuto and Romin were both 100% done with this shit, and Yuga seems the least surprised of the bunch— probably expected it considering Rook even suggested to have the Newspaper Club be named after him if he wins. This freaking idiot.

The duel was felt a bit more snazzy, and it felt like we might have gotten a tiny teaser of YGOs staple “crazy face” in the new character design style. YGOs wild and freakish facial expressions have always been one of the highlights in YGO, and it is something I do hope to see be carried over into this series in its own way.

The Newspaper Club however, was as I expected: super annoying, as they traditionally area in most series in general. It certainly didn’t help that they started off with a smear job of attacking not just the rules of Rush Duels, but Rook’s and Yuga’s character as well. They were introduced to us as an obnoxious bunch who had the audacity to accuse Gakuto for abusing his powers as Student Council President to “censor them”. Excuse me kids, that’s not how censorship works. Publish false information and there will be consequences. Anyhow, even though Rook beat them (thank god) and they have changed their tune (even releasing a follow up article promoting Rush Duels properly) I have no interest in seeing them again unless they actually going to help move the plot forward/be useful to the others. Actually now that I think of it, if they were to continue promoting Rush Duels in their articles, Goha Corporation might actually end up threatening to disband their club. The amount of control they have over society, to the point of policing kids at school, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happens.

Finally, Kaizo: I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that this robot is a recurring character and while its crazy obsession with Romin remains, each time Yuga tinkers it, it gets a little more wacky. This week it was strangely hooked on glasses, and Yuga ended up taping him down to shut him up and restrain him.

Unfortunately as expected, YGO SEVENS has finally joined the ever-growing list of the fallen postponed series. We don’t know when it will be back on air, but given that Japan has extended their State of Emergency (figured as much) and their struggle of adapting to work-at-home measures, it’s hard to say how long it’s going to be before it comes back on air.

This also means now all of my on-going series have been postponed. So other than Heartcatch I have recently picking up to substitute Healin’ Good Precure, I got nothing left. In some ways I find it rather hilarious and ironic how even though I have been covering five series, I’m the first one  with nothing left, while everyone else on the team has at least one show still on-air (though it’s just a matter of time though now that the lists of on-going series that already have their production completed is starting to come out). Sometimes I wonder if the universe is screaming at me for a change of pace. And truthfully speaking, it probably is.

Which is why picking up one of YGO’s older titles is something I have been mulling about for the past two weeks, and honestly I still haven’t made up my mind. As I mentioned last week, unlike Precure, covering YGO is much longer than Precure (49 episodes) VS YGO (120+ episodes on average), and I am very aware of how risky for me to cover 7 shows once everything is back on air.

So I would like to ask of you to please give me another week to figure things out. I will either release an entry on either 5DS or ZEXAL or release a follow-up statement in the comments on what I decide to do. One strategy I have been considering is to maybe queue up some entries up until around July, so that whenever the shows come back on air, I will be able to balance out my schedule better. That might be too long of a wait for you guys though, and for all we know, the shows could be back on air by then…

Anyhow, since this is a big commitment, I will be keeping an eye on the interest level, so please let me know in the comments of the two titles you would like to see me cover: YGO 5DS or YGO ZEXAL. I have also posted a poll on Twitter if you wish you cast your vote there.

Status: On-Hold until it Resumes Broadcast


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5 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 5

  1. It’s your choice in the end, but I personally would like to see you cover ZEXAL, it’s worth it for that second half alone, but 5D’s is amazing either way.

  2. It seems that Rook’s idiocy is even far more than I expected. I wonder if it’s already beyond Sawatari’s stupidity. Makes me wondering how it’ll be if those two meet.

    I’m liking Yuga even more here. He’s certainly smarter and shrewder than several of his predescessors. Amongst the new generation, I gotta say that his brain is even more than Yuma and Yuya who are supposed to be older than him. It makes me wondering if he’s really an elementary school student. And his recurring tinkering with Kaizo is a plus!

    I’m not really interested in the newspaper club, so I don’t care whatever happens to them from now on. As long as they’re not ruining the story, I guess it’s fine if they appear again as side characters. As long as they’re not ruining some episodes like Shima did.

    1. I would love to see Sawatari and Rook meet and duel against each other. I bet it would be hysterical- not in the the show of course, (NEVER AGAIN), but in an OVA or movie or something. That would be the dream~

      LOL You’re not the only one who has a bit of doubt about Yuga’s age, I’ve been wondering to myself if there’s more to him than meets the eye. The kid’s a genius. Curious how we actually haven’t heard anything about his family yet either. We know he has a workshop but that’s about it.

      And agree, keep the stupid and useless characters away, especially when they add nothing to the story!

  3. Update: Thank you for voting! The coverage will begin on Monday, so please stay tuned!

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