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This week we continue to see how everyone is coping or coming to terms with the sudden disbandment of their team. It’s refreshing to see that everyone is it differently. Some people are actively trying to improve themselves for when the team does come back together, while others are still struggling to come to terms with their guilt over the matter. But most importantly, we finally got the Yasuhara content we deserved, I’m so glad that we got to see his perspective at the beginning of the episode – it was a great start!

Sometimes it takes losing something to make realize just how important that thing was to you. I’ve really appreciated seeing that sentiment shown with Yasu, Chucky, and Nabe. I always feel a little bit weird when I have to place Yasu because he started out like Chucky and Nabe, but became attached to Basketball a lot quicker than the other two, in fact there was a point where I thought the other two would quit and he’d be the only one to remain. But now, after their conversation, I’m glad to see they all stuck with it. I enjoyed seeing everyone training so that they’ll be able to succeed the next time they try – their goals are set and they’re ready to pursue them. Additionally, I liked that this trio got to talk and show their budding passions for the sport, especially that they would take this newly found free time to practice their shots rather than go to the arcade (wow! growth!).

I wish we got a little bit more of the trio’s interaction beyond the beginning of the episode, but I’m satisfied by what we got from it. They haven’t quite found their light at the end of the tunnel, but boy they’re making their own. It just makes me smile knowing that they’re excited about the sport and want to keep pursuing it. Some of the other team members may still be looking for the light, but I really like Sora’s perspective in all of this. There really hasn’t been a significant moment where Sora has attempted to leave the sport of Basketball – if anything we can always count on him to bring his passion no matter what the circumstances- and even now with the threat of the team becoming obsolete he’s still pushing forward. His conversation with Madoka hit quite a bit when he says that those who are suspended are getting hit by this the most. It seems like he’s pretty in tune to the fact that some, if not all of them are feeling some form of grief or regret – something that they’ll have to overcome because it could potentially turn them away from the sport. But Madoka comments that Sora should be the one that is suffering the most due to the loss of the mother, and that’s moment where it shines that Sora just really loves to play Basketball and wants others to share in that joy. Yes, what happened is an absolute tragedy, but he’s going to keep moving forward!

I think the highlight of the episode for me was definitely the focus on Momoharu, primarily because it was a side of the story that I’ve been wanting to see since he was suspended. We still don’t get to see a lot of his internal monologues, but his actions and expressions really show the conflicts that he’s fighting with. He feels responsible for everything that has happened and quite frankly that’s just weighing him down as the days go on. Momoharu is very close to losing his enjoyment of Basketball once again and he’s looking for a way to be forgiven, or to just move forward. Unfortunately, that’s not something that would easily come no matter how much others would want it. It’s something that he probably needs to earn back moving forward. I liked his conversation with Mr. Satsuki, but primarily I liked the input by his wife who is able to express the change that she saw in her husband and essentially tell Momoharu to figure out exactly what he’s asking for. Paired with Chiaki’s intervention with him, Momoharu has much to consider. And that’s not even the end since he has a run in with Mokichi as the kid is throwing up all over the street. But Mokichi provides good wisdom, nonetheless. He’s able to provide that last little bit to help Momoharu solidify his decision for how to move forward.

Speaking of Mokichi I find it funny how one moment he can find the words to say to help a struggling teammate, but then the next is stuck with two other teammates at his house without permission. It’s funny how he can be the one with wisdom, but also the one who tends to get the short end of the stick. In all fairness though, Chiaki and Sora really didn’t have any business being at his house and quite frankly didn’t have very good guest manners. However, them showing up at his house turned the rather melodramatic moments with Momoharu and turned them into something more light-hearted and they all were able to solidify what they wanted their next goals to be – that they’re going to keep pushing forward and aim higher.

In terms of aiming higher, Kite is truly aiming higher with his challenges towards college level players to become the best player himself. Honestly, when the college kids were talking about a kid going around and challenging people, I thought they were talking about “Orange”, who Kite lost to in a one v one match in the previous episode. It was interesting to see that this was Kite’s next steps after defeat… I can see how he would have come to this conclusion, but it was not something I would have expected from him. Either way, I hope he’s finding something worthwhile in these matches! And I hope he can make his little sister proud by how much he’s able to improve! On another note – I really liked Kite’s line of “I WILL climb to the top, no matter how close to the bottom I am!” He’s determined, confident, and unwavering and I just really appreciate that aspect of him.

And so we come to the end of another episode where we’re starting to see some new beginnings and new haircuts (oh man, it’s going to be so weird looking at Momoharu without his pompadour) and boy am I excited to see what this new arc will bring!!

Notice: There will be no new episode next week. Episode 37 will air on July 1st, 2020.

I look forward to seeing you all then!


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3 thoughts on “Ahiru no Sora – Episode 36

  1. Sorry for being late to the party lately, but I am quiet busy in that period and it fills me with “procrastination juice” lol. But it could be worst, I could be obliged to have Chiaki and Sora at home! Every time I see that scene, I am mixed between laughs and impoliteness. I don’t know, this is so out of blue that I don’t know how to react (even though we are not surprised from Chiaki. Actually, anecdotal flashback, in the manga, during the training arc, when Madoka was on his way to the hospital for visiting Momoharu and phoned them bc of Chucky and Nabe on the playground, there is a gag insinuating that Chiaki was eating the fruits that Madoka was bringing to Momoharu).

    So, this time, it was a 100% faithful adaptation again. I don’t know what happened, but for these last two episodes, they came back to their usual pace and do not seem in a hurry. I am a bit afraid because there is still a lot to cover if they are supposed to stop where I think.
    Yeah, Yasuhara is alive, alive, alive! I knew that this time, it was impossible that they would cancel him. And no worry, there is more to come with our sixth men. On another matter, I find it always painful how Madoka seems more hurt than Sora by everything which happened (even though, there is no doubt that what Momoharu told her plays a role too).

    And once again, Mr Satsuki is not forgotten. Wonder who’s more severe between him and his wife…Lol. But this is true that it would have been too easy to win him back just like that. Will the new haircut convince him as it seems to have convinced many people on internet? We’ll see. Talking about that, are you too playing now the game of re-watching the first opening for spotting what’s (maybe) coming? Lol.

    1. No worries! I’m happy to hear from you 🙂 Out of curiosity how much of the manga that’s been released do you think won’t be covered?

      I’m excited to see what’s going to happen to Madoka in this upcoming arc. Like you said, she seems to be the one most impacted by everything that’s happened. It’s almost as she’s expressing these feelings on behalf of Sora. But in all fairness everyone’s going through a lot so it’s understandable the varying degrees of emotions that everyone feels.

      Mr. Satsuki’s wife was pretty brutal when talking to Momoharu, but no doubt those were the words that needed to be said! At first I thought it was going to be the classic spouse reminds their partner what they love about the team and convinces them to come back. But instead she put Momoharu in his place. I’m still in the camp of believing in Momoharu that he isn’t at fault for setting the club room on fire, but that doesn’t really change the fact that the act of almost smoking still is an act of betrayal for the rest of the team.

      Oh man! I’ve definitely re-watched to see all the things it’s hinted at already. For us anime only watchers they quite literally laid it all out in front of us from the beginning and it’s still a surprise! I’ll have to go back again to see what else might be in store!

      1. I am afraid that my answer might “frighten” you but as you asked…Or maybe I will answer in a different way. To give you an idea, there are 51 volumes so far (ongoing, even though on hiatus as I suspect that the author does not want to “ride the wave” of the anime as he’s a weirdo and also have health issues) and the anime is NOT even at half of that yet. But on that matter, it was obvious since the beginning that the listed 50 episodes would not adapt everything.

        Essentially, they are doing a strict adaptation of the manga at a rhythm of about 3 episodes per volume (with a slight acceleration during the last part of the Shinjo game). The only episode with anime-only (huge) content was the introductory episode of Nao. I mean, that episode was adapting almost only 1 chapter and half (compared to the about 3-4 chapters they usually do). LOL

        I am a believer of the fact that there will be a sequel but…we never know. Also because with that COVID19 crisis, they lost quite a lot of money as they had planned in May a “TIP-OFF meeting” with fans and the voice actors (for selling goodies, tickets, and including the show in the bonus of the DVD/Blu-rays) and unfortunately they had to cancel it. I mean, the main funder of that series is clearly “King creative”, in particular for selling music so that explains why we have so many different openings and endings, many of which sung by artists from the label (OP1, ED1,2,3), some being voice actors in the show. So, let’s hope that they would be satisfied by the songs’ sales.

        Anyway, I think the next episode will give an idea about the choices that they are making regarding the pace and very soon, there should be something about one character, which might almost guarantee a sequel if it is not skipped…

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