Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 12: Goal Line

Hmm…I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this episode. I exactly said last week that I was worried that Argonavis was going to end up performing at DesFes anyway, and that I really didn’t want that because I like that they made DesFes a goal for them to work and strive for. But then this episode happened, and I guess I can kind of accept how they went about it? Sort of.

First off, I love that they specifically turned down Mashu. I guess I can accept Argo performing in the festival only because it was Nayuta that pushed them to do it, and not Mashu. Accepting Mashu’s proposal would have been pretty weak since he tried screwing them over last time by snatching Ren, then not even offering at least an apology when they were kicked out of the DesFes lineup. Accepting them, then pushing them out, only to ask them again, they’re basically just being pushed around at this point so I was pretty happy that Yuto just declined.

I suppose I can’t argue with Nayuta about their pride. On one hand, as much as they want to perform on stage, they want to make it to DesFes on their own terms and their own strength. However, that pride also can kind of screw themselves over when they have an opportunity like this. Nayuta allowing them this chance is different because Nayuta genuinely recognizes their talent and he respects them. Sure, this guy is crass and still kind of an asshole but I guess I can’t totally call him an asshole now that he gave them this chance. He wants them to improve and be worthy rivals for him and Gyroaxia, and he believes they belong there. That’s probably the biggest compliment that they can get to be honest. So in that sense, I like that this adds to Argonavis’ relationship with Gyroaxia.

Though I’m not going to lie, Ren running through the crowd, jumping on the metal rail and jumping towards Nayuta with his arm out cracked me the hell up. It was cheesy and way too dramatic and just…it was just too much. Calm down, show. I get it, this is huge, but turn down the dial a bit. My god, no wonder so many people ship Ren and Nayuta together.

This is also another instance of Argonavis getting lucky and getting a big chance, a little too convenient. Which is why I didn’t want this to happen. It’s a little too unbelievable if people care about that. But that’s just me. I mean damn, not even Boss was able to perform in DesFes when he was younger, and Argo was able to do this in less than a year since their band formed. That’s a little too good to be true if you ask me. Still, I guess I am happy for them. Circling back to Goal Line from when baby Ren found his passion in music was really great though, and I’m always happy to hear Goal Line over and over.

This is a huge moment in their lives, and their band life so what else is there for them in the future? We might get a little sneak peek of that in the finale, or the episode will just be a breather after this big event which is what I’m kinda leaning towards.


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