Gleipnir Episodes 11 + 12

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Rash decisions the anime. What the actual fuck is going on. My mind is blown and I don’t know if it’s really dumb, really cool or somewhere in-between.

Elena and Naoto teamed up with two people to invade the spaceship, being protected by Kaito. Kaito is OP as fuck, probably because his wish stemmed from a deep, deep place of hatred and rage. So when Elena was talking to Yoshioka and said someone already has 100 coins, what if I told you the world was already coming to an end, she meant Kaito. It’s been several months, but his power is Honoka’s ghost basically and it looks like it just absolutely destroys.

This is crazy. I don’t even know what to talk about first. Naoto, Elena and Shuichi agreeing that they should ignore the issue that Honoka transformed into Aiko is absolutely INSANE. At that point in the episode I was basically staring open mouthed at my screen. I 1000% sympathized with Kaito. YOU CANNOT IGNORE THAT. Then… he strangles Honoka to death after falsely assuming she killed Aiko out of jealousy. I will admit, I lost quite a bit of my sympathy at this point. But Aiko had actually killed herself, and Honoka had only transformed to fill her gap and protect everyone. Aiko’s sense of justice had gotten her bullied and she couldn’t take it anymore. Kaito didn’t know that, but I guess everyone else kind of did?

This show needs some clear lines of communication. If they did a goddamn pow-wow and passed around a conch to talk to each other, this show would’ve been like 2 episodes. What the hell.

Kaito must’ve gone insane, at least judging by the faces he was making in the end. It was clear in the childhood flashback that he was in love with Honoka, even recognizing her hair twirling after not seeing her for years or months or whatever. The twisted logic he used, that he killed Honoka because he was the only one who didn’t want to ignore her existence, is so messed up but it’s not… wrong. Everyone was willing to deny her existence and pretend she was dead which is really really fucked as ‘friends’. They did just meet an alien and learned their friend shapeshifted so I would give them the benefit of the doubt though. Honoka clearly didn’t like herself and, when basically giving up her existence, even admits she thinks no one will miss her. Well, that clearly wasn’t the case. There were at least 2 who missed you dearly, one enough to kill.

I can’t ignore though that this whole thing is technically Honoka’s fault. It’s amazing how a simple suggestion out of kindness turned into a several month-long battle royale resulting in tons of deaths.

By the end, I felt really bad for the alien. Shuichi accused him of not having emotions, and maybe that’s true, but it’s at least clear that he can form connections. She was the first to encounter and befriend him. He didn’t even care for his fellow brethren at that point but was visibly sad when Honoka disappeared.

Oh, and Shuichi killed someone. I watched episode 11 and was like, wow this is crazy! So much development! And theeen I watched episode 12 and forgot everything that happened in 11. Yep, Shuichi dipped a toe into the water only a few days ago and is now killing. It was an interesting moment when he was talking to Clair and said that it would be better for his friends if everyone from the animal gang was dead. He’s changed so damn much. I think Clair is shook by it too. He seemed more or less equally shy in the flashbacks before losing his memory. He almost seemed to want to agree with Kaito that this shouldn’t be ignored but Elena speaking up convinced him otherwise. What is he going to do when he gets those memories back…

This episode (12) legit gave me chills at the end when they show Shuichi and Clair’s conversation from her perspective and then she sees the doll. I got goosebumps man.

One thing that I think was really heavy was when Shuichi says, I know I’m not the main character of this story, but I will finish it. At first I was just kinda like, oo that’s meta. But, I wonder if it’s really true now. Is Kaito the main character? Is it Elena and Naoto? Why was Shuichi excluded from the team? Was his desire for peace that he had at the beginning of the series so strong that his team decided it would be better to wipe his memories? So Clair would have succeeded where Elena failed, in that case. It’s really interesting to think about.

And now Yoshioka wants to talk to Elena again. Next week is the finale by the way, there are too many loose ends! Why won’t Yoshioka just tellllll Shuichiiii.

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