Gleipnir Episodes 9 + 10

Holy shit this week’s episode was intense. Starting up 10, I had no idea how they were going to get out of this situation without losing at least someone. I was about to be so mad that Ikeuchi was going to turn on them to protect Yoshioka. I forgot they had a built in choker if they turned against the group though. To think I thought that power was going to be stupid. Literally saved the episode for me. I don’t get why he’s so oblivious and creepy. This guy is watching every move they make. And sacrificing the entire group for Yoshioka… obviously she would not like that. Now I’m wondering if they’re going to try to go back for him later to save him? I’m unclear if the choker just made him pass out or straight up killed him. I know Sayaka says it kills people, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was lying to make people less likely to try. Maybe it just knocks people out. If he is alive, and they do go back, it would probably be the start of Ikeuchi’s transition from distrustful voyeur to tsundere voyeur. It was funny that no one even noticed he was gone like this whole time. Didn’t y’all ever go on field trips in school? You always do a headcount!

I have a feeling this fight isn’t quite over yet though. The boss man didn’t seem like the type to forgive them for trying to kill his entire crew. Just a hunch that he might not be happy. He also seems like the type that may not die from the poison due to his pure rage at his friends being killed or attempted to be killed. I feel like they use the term ‘shitheads’ and idiots too interchangeably. When I think of an idiot, I don’t imagine creepy ass people that murder for fun. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

I also really wish Yoshioka would woman the fuck up and tell everyone what she knows. After that conversation with Elena, she knows someone has 100 coins. And she knows Shuichi knew Elena but had his memories tampered with. I get being shy, but this information will literally change everything. I’m not even really sold on this hunting for the spaceship journey. Yes, there are probably coins to be found there… but do you really think no one thought of this yet? Like, c’mon.

This is a very strange comparison to make, but Clair reminds of Hachiman from Oregairu. She always tries to solve situations by making herself the villain in the group which means she makes a lot of enemies. Shuichi is the only one who usually knows what’s she doing, he even says he knows she speaks out of logic. It sucks to see because she’s a great character, but maybe it’s also a testament to how much she really only cares about Shuichi. I really want to see them become one like he did with Yoshioka. If the power is combining strength, and they were that strong with Yoshioka who isn’t a fighter, Shuichi and Clair combo are going to be so hype.

It was a little out of nowhere, but we also saw some random growth from Clair. Maybe not that random actually. I feel like having an epiphany (when Shuichi hugged her) that even good people do terrible things for those they love is pretty true to real life. Sometimes things just come to you, even when they seem so obvious that you thought you already knew it. When they were talking about Elena, Clair was saying she is starting to understand that she might not be a bad person but just stuck between the crimes she committed and living with herself as a monster. It’s like all the rage she had for her sister has dissipated. It’s like a full 180, but I wonder what will actually happen when they meet again. Will she try to console Elena? Elena seems to have already cut that part of her life off now, especially after that conversation with Yoshioka. I don’t know if she’s still able to be turned to the good side again. Elena did try to kill Shuichi and Clair once, out of rage, but she also saved him. Tie game. I also really like Clair because she’s like the first character I’ve seen in a long time to point out that the beast gang is similar to them, trying to protect their friends. I mean, kinda. They also attack, murder, sexually assault (probably rape), etc. It is so the leader can get power to grant his gang’s wishes though? Nothing is really black or white, I mean. But a friend is a friend to the end of the end. 🎶That’s forever, and a day!🎶 Sorry, got Spongebob on the brain. Wormyyyy!

It was hard watching Isao grow those plants knowing what they’d be used for. First the terror when Clair asked him to grow them, then the jump when he Clair says Shuichi – knowing Shuichi knows what he’s done too, and then the distant look on his face and he slowly walks off screen. He seems even more innocent than Shuichi was at the start of the show. I wonder why he gets a monster form that’s so big and intimidating if he really is a pacifistic character. Maybe just to scare off potential predators. I really like him though, I like everyone in that group. Well… maybe not Ikeuchi but I think we all knew that was coming.

Now Elena is finally meeting with the Alien. And she did mention something to Yoshioka about the world coming to an end. That is some scary shit. Maybe we’ll get to see where this goes in the next episode. I guess we are coming close to the end now. The only question is if there will be a conclusive ending or a cliffhanger which is unfortunately a very common tactic to encourage source material reading. I get it, but man does it suck.

  • Note: Sorry for the spotty coverage on this series. Between health issues and other personal stuff I have not been very faithful in covering.
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