Healin’ Good Precure Episode 13

Woot! Healin’ Good Precure is back and I couldn’t be more excited! Episode 13 picks up where we left off of the girls facing a terrifying new enemy Batetemouda. Of the three, Hinata was the one who had looked the most shaken by the fight.

Although Hinata had muttered about quitting as a Precure, she didn’t mean it. She was just scared, and was feeling frustrated that it seemed no matter how hard they tried, it continues to be an uphill battle.

I can absolutely understand where Hinata is coming from in terms of her lack of confidence. It is hard for someone like herself who feels she is lacking and doesn’t want to drag everyone else down. On top of that she is justifiably scared because just when it seems like they finally got the hang of things, a new and stronger enemy shows up. Not only does it scare her, but it also makes her feel as though all of their effort was for nothing.

And can we appreciate just how attentive the girls are, especially Chiyu who was able to recognize and put a spotlight on where her feelings of doubt stemmed from (the lack of good results and how long it takes to achieve it), as well as assuring her that sometimes you can’t help how you feel regardless of what people around you say. It was super important for Hinata to hear those things, because otherwise she would feel completely alone.

Heck, even Pegitan said because their job is very dangerous, and it wouldn’t be good to force her to continue doing it if she doesn’t want. Seriously, can we just appreciate Pegitan for evening saying that? So many times in Precure or any show we see panic enough over the possibility of a member quitting, but hardly ever does anyone mention just how dangerous the job actually is. Just in general, the partners in this series have such great awareness of how dangerous the battles are, and have always put the girls’ safety first.

It was also great to see the girls really ramp up their team work today. It serves a great follow-up after a difficult battle against Batetemouda that forced them to really start properly coordinating with each other. Chiyu strategically freezing the Megathogerm so it couldn’t use its extreme speed against them, and Nodoka using her shield to serve as a spring for Hinata to launch herself higher into the air so that she can reach the airborne enemy (though I am a bit surprised it didn’t comes crashing to the ground sooner when it was frozen). I am looking forward to see what other creative ideas the girls can come up with to better equip each other for the fights.

And at long last, Hinata finally gets her respective Element Bottle, Thunder! I can’t wait to see her use it, I am sure it’s going to have a lot to offer. It’s exactly what she needs as the was the sole member of the group who had yet to receive one until now. (Though I will say, I liked that they didn’t have the girls obtain it back-to-back, but spread it out over time).

It seems of the three senior generals, Shindoine is the one who is the most wary of Batetemouda’s arrival and attitude. She is probably more concerned about him getting more attention and favor of the King, since she is the one who wants to spend the most time with him. Daruizen as expected doesn’t care too much, probably because the more folks they have on the team, the better in terms of spreading out the work to accomplish the goal faster. As for Guaiwaru, he saw this as an opportunity to boast his abilities to the new member, with the intent of making him his henchman if useful.

However it’s a bit too soon to tell whether Batetemouda is genuinely excited to learn from his seniors and is actually trying to be polite to them and the King, or he is just sucking up to those around him to get into their favor. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to become cocky over time, and that’s when things could really start getting sour between him and Guaiwaru.

There is also the fact Batetemouda loves to fight so much, that he is willing to go on the attack so the Megapathogerm can inflict as much damage as possible without being disturbed. Of course that was never a “genius plan” he came up with, but he did show the benefit of engaging into a brawl with the precure. By doing so, it makes it difficult for them to take care of both at once, and it could be his ticket to rising in the ranks.

That being said, it will be interesting to see whether or not Batetemouda will be allowed to continuing to do that, or if he will have to bid the orders of the King to hold back because them to focus on finish fulfilling the conditions for his eventual resurrection. It really depends, especially since the King has ordered them to start working extra hard now. It seems they are drawing near or are now in the final phase of his resurrection, and it’s time to make that last big push.

Next week! IT’S FOOD FESTIVAL TIME AND IT LOOKS SO GOOOOOOODDD!!!!! Note to self, have food ready for the next episode because it’s going to ignite my craving!!!!

PS: Nyatoran with his fish mark on his forehead is ADORABLE!

NOTICE: As mentioned in the Heartcatch entry last week, it has been announced that Crunchyroll has licensed Healin’ Good Precure. Currently they are just starting off at Episode 13, episode 1 – 12 will only be available at a later date (which I find a bit of a surprising move). *Check to make sure you are in the region of availability.

Their official schedule means the episodes will be released every Saturday @ 11:30PM EDT | 8:30PM PDT.

But since I am in the eastern time zone, this means the release schedule of my Precure entries coming out on Sunday Mornings will remain unchanged, unless I am actually awake enough to do the write up to get it out earlier then usual.

As for Heartcatch Precure, I will continue my coverage alongside this one. I am trying to make sure I can queue up the entries so I can schedule their release. (That is why you will see the entries pop up much earlier!) However I may switch the day I post them in the future to accommodate the new seasonal schedule so we can spread out the posts more evenly throughout the week.


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