Heartcatch Precure Episode 10

Flower of the Week: Geranium

The Desert Messengers have no intentions of laying around in wait as the girls steadily collect the Heart Seeds. So he finally sends out his trusty “Dark” Precure (who is basically an “anti-precure” of a sorts). She pretty effectively inflicts a lot of damage, wrecking havoc around town with the intent of soiling the girls’ reputation. She was also set to eliminate them for once and for all, but for whatever reason, she decided to hold back when she spotted Yuri, otherwise known as the fallen Cure Moonlight. We can see that her precure seed (the jewel the girls attach to their perfume bottle) is broken, so it makes sense why she is unable to transform. She also quietly had given the girls some advice, but even so, it was not one to be applied to the Dark Precure. Rather, the Dark Precure is not an opponent the girls can currently face at the moment. When they tried to apply the final strike on her, instead she deflected it and caused them to lose their precure form. It goes to show the girls have a long way off before they have any chance against her, and if god forbid they do encounter her again too soon, they are certainly in for a world of trouble. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what kind of excuse she is going to use when she has to explain to Professor Sabaaku about why she failed to carry out the task of destroying the heart seeds, alongside taking the girls out. She could have easily done both, and yet she decided not to.

We also got to see our handsome knight sweep in to the rescue again— or maybe we should just call him a ninja because of the way he appears and disappears. He wasn’t in his usual attire we are used to seeing, but instead a school uniform (that doesn’t match either the girls’ or Yuri’s school uniforms). So if he so happens to be a student, then he is probably attending an entirely different school from the rest of them.

Do you not see the dark skies and wilting petals around you?!

While I did enjoy the episode, the only thing that I thought was quite jarring was the scene of the girls walking and chatting as normal and yet their surroundings was quite obviously not the usual. Dark overcast and black petals floating, oh and not to mention explosions. They should have at least either made the girls more self-aware of their surroundings or presented a more appropriate transition to the chaos around them.

That being said, besides the fact we finally got some real plot development, I really liked that the girls asked some legitimate questions: How many times do they have to fight the Desert Messengers? What will it take to defeat them? But unfortunately for them, no answers were provided. Instead the fairies brushed it off saying it’s a “secret”, but that’s hardly helpful at all. Though considering how long the fight between the Desert Messengers and Precure has been going on (by taking Tsubomi’s Grandmother into consideration), it would probably be safe to say the battle will not end so as long as the Desert Messenger’s ideals and goal remains.

They also teased an amazing miracle will happen if they revive the Heart Tree, but that too is being kept a secret. Though frankly speaking, I wouldn’t put it past me if they fairies didn’t know either.

Next week, the girls realize they are absolutely screwed unless they do some training – I can’t help but laugh considering the last episode we left off in Healin’ Good Precure was the “training” episode. Except the difference here is that Tsubomi is the one making the suggestion, and points to them learning Kung-Fu.


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  1. Interesting that when Moonlight lost her battle and returned to her bathrobe form, her hair remained in her cure form, but when the girls lost their battle and went into bathrobe mode, their hair were their civilian form hair

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