Heartcatch Precure Episode 13

Flower of the Week: Agave
Side Note: Holy shit, AGAVES ARE FREAKING HUGE! No wonder it takes 10 years to bloom!

The secret is out, Yuri is the fallen Cure Moonlight! Well, it was kind of obvious from the get-go, so it’s nice that they didn’t drag it out. Yuri understandably is facing a lot of heartache, from trauma of her failure to carry out her duty as a Precure and the complicated family matters where her father who had gone off to research the Heart Tree has disappeared without a trace. I do appreciate we are getting a deeper look into each of the girls’ family, as well as how deeply rooted the Heart Tree is ingrained in each of their lives. Most of all, I love how the Heart Tree actually has an impact on their lives. It’s not some threat or conflict from another world, but an existing threat that has existed for generations where even some of their relatives such as Tsubomi’s grandmother has contributed to this long battle that has waged between the Dessert Messengers and the Precure, or how Yuri’s father has gone out to research it.

The only thing that kind of bugged me was the reason for Professor Sabaaku’s order of withdrawal. The Dark Precure literally had Tsubomi and Erika’s fate as precures in the palm of her hand, and yet he goes on about her obsession with Cure Moonlight and literally spares them. Like dude, for someone who is ordering everyone to eliminate these two, you sure missed out the prime opportunity to do so. I would have preferred a more believable reason how they got out alive, but considering they had already used the majestic ninja card, it would be too redundant to do it a second time, and right now there’s nobody else to save them unless they were to make Granny step out of retirement and go ham. (Let’s be real, that would’ve been super epic to see! But then again, it would have been a bit early for that kind of epic intervention.)

Nevertheless, the girls learned the hard way that convictions alone isn’t enough to defeat the Dark Precure. They tried the same attack before and fearlessly throwing themselves at the enemy by believing they could defeat her and found themselves in the same situation all over again, wiped out of their form. It was then when it finally sunk in the power disparity between them. In other words: they need to figure out a plan to deal with the Dark Precure, and fast. (Oh and I can take a second to point out: while yes they want to protect the Heart Seeds,  but if there was ever a time they needed to use the buff Tsubomi had used a couple of episodes ago, TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT TIME TO USE THEM.)

Of course, having an additional comrade and a senior like Cure Moonlight would certainly be helpful, but since Yuri’s heart seed is broken, she is unable to transform. (However she has proved she a true badass who is capable of fighting against the Dessert Messengers, even without her powers.) So until they can recover the other half, there is no hope of her becoming a Precure again.

Speaking of precure powers, I am curious of whether the Dark Precure can use Cure Moonlight’s Heart Seed for herself if she were to obtain the other half. Considering she is obsessed with Yuri and claims “You are me”, it makes me wonder if that means she could use the power as though it’s her own.

And that’s the other weird thing going with Dark Precure: What’s up with the whole “you are me” thing? It certainly makes thing complicated and perplexing. Although to be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when she said that was, “aw hell no, don’t tell me it’s some weird father/daughter copy going down”. The moment we learned Yuri’s father has been missing for three years after going off to study the Heart Tree, I immediately grew suspicious that he may be on the enemy’s side, until a voice in the back of my head reminded me, “This guy probably been around since Granny was a Precure, so it’s probably not him unless he inherited the position”. Of course another idea with the whole “you are me me” theory is the whole future or parallel universe game. But even though I don’t really see the two to be that similar. Heck not even their eyes or hair even match, much less their power. So I am rather skeptical of how truthful Dark Precure’s claims are. For all we know, it could be her own confusion or obsession of being ‘real’ since she is a “fake precure” (or maybe artificial might be a better word to describe her).

And finally, if that wasn’t crazy enough, besides the fact he decide to spare the girls today, Professor Sabaaku quite literally ordered his generals to kill Cure Moonlight. Of course it can be debated whether he was referring to permanently killing her chance of ever becoming a precure again by properly destroying her Heart Seed, or actually meant to literally murder her.

Well, you know how I complained about the lack of actually threatening villains, well here we go. And with the exception of their untimely decisions to spare them, he and Dark Precure at the very least are no pushovers.

PS: A moment of appreciation for our majestic ninja for swooping in to divert Dark Precure’s attention and then disappearing? So smooth. (Also I am pretty I mentioned it, but I am obsessed with his music track!) and hurray, Momo and Yuri are friends, or at least Momo is trying to be friends with Yuri! Alas, the poor girl was rejected today! Don’t worry Momo, keep trying!

06.23.2020 – UPDATE 2: It has been announced that Crunchyroll has acquired the license for Healin’ Good Precure. Color me surprise. I definitely did not see that coming. Now the question is will they pick up where the series has left off, or are they only going to start releasing episodes once a week from the very beginning whenever they start releasing it?

06.21.2020 – UPDATE: Healin’ Good Precure will be resuming on June 28th picking up where we left off! Rest assure I will continue covering Heartcatch, however I may adjust when release the posts! I’ll let you if I decide to change the schedule next week!


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3 Responses

  1. Bibi says:

    Good news: TOEI announces that Healin’ Good Precure will resume its regular schedule (Ep 13 onward) on 28th June.

    • Eva says:

      Oooh awesome! 😀 Can’t wait for its return! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Firechick says:

    Don’t worry, there is a reason why Dark Precure claims Yuri is her, but it doesn’t get revealed until near the end of the series.

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