Well, I’m back again!!!! It’s blood bank time!!!!

So much action in the last few chapter and the story is picking up!!!! Let’s explore:


There is a scene where a guy wants to sell Shell a new art and he doesn’t want it, but he keeps on pushing it, so he lets him stay for a few days. He is a teenager with silver eyes and black hair which makes him a premium art for vampires. I was like bruh XD

Why do vampires like arts in their teens, gross!!! And they are dummy old themselves. GROSS!!


OOOF, I’m not sure if everyone hates One because he is a banker, Shell’s favorite person or he’s ugly. No one knows, but all the vampires and other humans treat him like shit.




He had that smug look for a hot minute, look at the mess he about to get himself into.


BIG OOOF when he sees a vampire being treated like a slave. He ain’t ever seen that one.

Shell is his true self with one, but he has to act like other vampires in public so he’s sad. But I think that happens to everyone. But I try to be my real self I guess, as much as possible.


This dude is dummy creepy.



Hold up, is he getting blackmailed or paid to try to be Shell’s art? It looks like pure blackmail and who the hell is this creepy ass dude?



OOF!!!!!! One is getting harassed XD But I think being a banker is the best job for a human anyways. They aren’t being used as sex toys and aren’t direct servants to vampires, so what the hell is he saying?

The other name for an art is a Kitsch, an object that is useless and thrown away. Basically, human arts are used until they are old( which is basically like in their 30s or 40s) and then they are thrown out for another young art. which is a big oof. Same with models and prostitutes.


He was like now I’m gonna go and hide and become Shell’s perfect art because he has to, it’s his job that he has been blackmailed to do.






Is he a human??? dun dun dahhhh


OOOOOF, then this mother fucker is:

I knew he was up to no good. no good XD I guess he’s a vampire too. But he wants to kill other vampire and human, which is probably why he’s called Jack the Ripper. Also, he lives near the human slums according to one of the chapters. Jack the Ripper lived in the slums and killed people and took their organs and shit. I hope this dude not taking peoples organs and shit. He definitely wants to kill people for sure.

Shell stops One from torturing the child and the art tells him that he was told to do this, otherwise Jack the Ripper will kill his sister, who is weak and maybe sick. Shell decides to sent the kid back home with papers that he released and is able to live with his sister.



One is like oh hell no, lets not send him home because he knows too much info about us, but Shell does it anyways.



HE GOT KILLED AND IT’S ONLY BEEN 2 CHAPTERS. boiiiii. Is he dead, that’s too low for a heart hit. Jack probably wants that info, so he won’t be dead for awhile at least and don’t forget, he has to take his organs and his blood.

The secret is out my boi, the whole vampire community probably knows he’s abnormal. Jesus XD



One is gonna be Shell’s art for a vampire masquerade ball, ooooo fancy.




So they go to an art speciality shop and Shell buys One a bunch of clothes to wear at the party. He probably they most good looking human in the slums XD





But we really haven’t seen One naked too often and he’s hot as hell. He’s not bad looking at all… EVEN THO THEY KEEP ON SAYING HE’S UGLY


Listen, there is too much spit here XD ughhh, nothing freaks me out more than spit and throw up. I’m okay with shit, blood, pus, etc. But spit/flem makes me sick as hell. XD good artwork still.



Who the hell is Ellie??? Apparently he is art that Shell’s family had long ago, but he disappeared. I would go missing if I was an art in this society too. XD



This is what One is thinking at the end of the chapter. What is he not showing him?? It was unclear, but we will learn soon.






Squeak( my friend) was complaining to me that she hated his part. Nine is clearly in love with One because they work together and he always helps him out. Thirteen think that One is doesn’t care for Nine at all and only cares about his own success. She said it was so unnecessary. But there is love triangle in real life, where someone likes someone and they still aren’t going to get them.

Like I like alot of people, but I know I ain’t getting anything, but it’s enjoyable to have a one sided love.


That bank manager is having an issue with One being Shell’s art at the party. Shit XD

But I feel like even low level vampires have trouble in this society too. They get insulted and put down too..



One has his own agenda at the party, oooooo! What design tho????


One is worried that is isn’t gonna find the person with the flower and snake symbol. Uh oh!


Reign is back, even tho she’s supposed to be at the party, so she snuck in.

One is like get out outta here XD  he jealous XD


The Bone Empire, the one that is taking over from the North? I think! Also, why does that art have a whole snake on them, that’s scary as hell.


Big OOF, he salty towards their family. I guess because they are rivals in blood banks.

What was he saying here? I felt like his whole speech was humans are weak and we are better, but we also have to stay better.




He is trying to follow Brutal Bones so he can talk to him about the watch, but he loses him.

EWWWW, he’s back. I was think this dude makes custom arts or something, because him being called Jack the Ripper.


So wait, I guess they aren’t too much of enemies, if they are sharing arts. Hold up?




Who the hell is Ellie? He must be a popular man XD




OOOOOOOF, OOF SIZE IS LARGE!!! Is he really that ugly???? He’s average looking with a hot body, I GUESS. A few characters have called him ugly, so I’m not sure what is up.




What the hell??????? He’s that old and still an art. It’s the drugs that make her stay younger tho, otherwise she would have been gone years ago. WHAT DRUGS DID SHE HAVE EJECTED INTO HE TO BECOME LIKE THIS?

Arts are dummy rude to other humans. until they almost die or are put out on the streets.

I thought Humpty Dumpty was a she until Squeak grabbed my laptop and corrected it to he. ITS A TRAP!!!!!! OH NO! AND AN OLD TRAP TOO XD

What is she whispering?? The real question of the day. I guess we all have to read the next chapter. Even I don’t know what’s happening, so I’m super curious!

See y’all next week!!!

Chance of reading next week: 99.8% unless I die of foot fungus from walking in the break room with no shoes XD