I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to the pacing, but the pacing for this time was probably the worst in awhile. Things moved too lightning fast and I had to take some time to really understand what happened. We had a lot of chill moments among the characters, which I learned were anime only. The drinking scene was okay, but I did like the scene between Shibisu and Serena. I’m glad that she was able to say goodbye to at least someone and of course it was her potential boyfriend. It was a sweet little scene and it’s a little sad to see Serena leave since I did like her at least. At least it was a nice farewell, and I hope she turns her life around when she exits the tower.

The aftermath from the tag test was more serious than I thought, with Rachel becoming paralyzed when they found out that the stab wound was much deeper than they thought. Khun anticipated that Bam wasn’t going to climb the tower with them anymore, but to his surprise, Bam tells him that he’s still going to continue to climb the tower and be Rachel’s legs because if it’s what she wants, he’ll do it. Bam is seriously a ride or die, he will be with you all the way. Khun agrees, as he wants to help Bam with this. He thinks back to Maria and wonders if things would have been different if he had said and done what Bam did. Khun wanting to help Bam is obviously so at least Bam can have what Khun couldn’t. Khun is just great. Oh, and Rak is small now because he pissed off Hansung. I’m…not sure what this has to do with anything except to just be funny. To be honest I’m disappointed that Rak ended up turning into the comedic relief character because he hasn’t really done much of anything else. He was funny at first but he soon become much less funny and just one note, using him to bring a little comedy to the anime like right now. And it’s just wasted potential on his part, which is really disappointing. But hey, he’s small. I guess that’s cute.

Bam shows his unwavering loyalty to Rachel after they all as a group threw Hoh a small funeral. Like I said, Bam is a ride or die. Even though Rachel breaks down into sobs, admitting that she thought Bam was irritating when he would follow her around, and she left him for the tower because he was in her way and he was weak, Bam doesn’t care. To him, she’s his savior and the ray of light that appeared in his dark and lonely life. Basically, he’ll always be there for her. On the surface, the scene seems pretty sweet. Rachel is disgusted by her actions and doesn’t think herself worthy and she apologizes, but Bam forgives her and stays by her side. They’re on a grassy field, just the two of them, though sadly being across from the many corpses of the other tower participants. It’s probably because I’m 1000% sure Rachel is faking it and hiding something. You can’t expect me to just forget all the strange and suspicious behavior she showed only a few episodes ago. What’s more, Ghost disappeared once Rachel was hurt and the only thing we know about Ghost from Endorsi is that she found him along with Rachel in the first part of the test. And he looks scary and suspicious as hell. There just has to be something happening behind the scenes, which is why I wasn’t too moved by Bam’s scene with her. Sorry, you can’t make me. >:T

However, this was a decent episode for Bam characterization. He’s starting to be a little more bold and making decisions on his own, even if they are for Rachel’s sake. But in the end, he may have put himself in a bit of danger because he doesn’t even know what the Administrator Test is. Hell, I don’t know either.

This is where things got out of hand for me and I got all confused. What I think I do know is that Hansung is pulling some sneaky stuff on everyone and Lero-ro is suspicious of him. There’s someone impersonating Yuga and he was honestly creepy as hell with the “mouth” being where his eyes are or whatever. However, Hansung doesn’t kill him. Abiding to what he believes, he gets rid of those against the wellbeing of the tower and the Jahad family. He’s not going to stop this Ren person from going after Anaak and taking back the Black March and the Green April. He’s actually going to help him with that. More things are going against Hansung when Khun confronts Lero-ro about the note that Hoh got, saying that one of them must have given it to him since it was sent to him before the tag test (destroying my theory). Only the person that knew that he and Rachel would be on the same team would send the note.

Maybe this is another thing against the tower and Jahad family, though I’m not quite sure what it is. Is it Rachel herself, or is Hansung planning something else? And then there’s the business with the Administrator Test in the end with Bam taking part in it, since he doesn’t agree with Rachel not being able to pass because of her physical condition. This also looks like something that Khun and Lero-ro planned, but what does this test entail and what’s going to happen to Bam? I also for some reason thought that everyone knew that Bam was an Irregular and I didn’t know it was a bad thing until now, so…that’s a thing.

This episode wasn’t exactly my favorite. Again, this series has some interesting ideas but the execution is kind of bad with its screwy pacing issues. It’s not like this show is confusing but the anime and directing makes it that way because of the lack of smooth transitions and the insane pacing. Again, I’m just going with the flow with a question mark over my head. Still, I am curious how things will go next time.


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