Tower of God Episode 12

Well, that went exactly as I thought it would. It’s funny that people are acting so shocked with Rachel’s betrayal at the end when it’s been so obvious that she’s been acting completely strange this entire time. Also, yeah, I try not to see other discussion threads too much because the webtoon people were also hinting at it too much so that totally killed it too. I mean, the anime made it obvious as well but still…

The best parts of the episode were all the scenes with Yuri, even though I’m still not entirely sure who the hell she is as a character. I mean my god she was only prominent in one episode and in that episode she didn’t do anything too worthwhile other than give Bam the Black March. Since then we’ve only seen snippets of her and her group wandering around the tower getting lost. It’s cool that we got to see her again though, and see just how insanely powerful she is. She comes in to face off against Ren and protect the other princesses, and she handles him with ease. Considering she’s a Ranker, it’s no wonder that she’s so powerful compared to Anaak and Endorsi, who were the current strongest ones in the group. It looks like she’s going to be collecting the swords now, or at least that’s what I understood. I can’t think of any other reason she would be in the tower, since it’s supposedly hard to break into the tower. I hope we get some sort of explanation in the finale but I kind of doubt it since it’s probably going to completely focus on Bam.

Other little things happened throughout the episode but Yuri’s fight took up most of the time. Khun’s brother(?) shows up and tells Khun he can take him to see Maria, but he ends up refusing. Not sure what the significance of this is, but we’ll most likely see him again. The plan to deal with the worms and whatnot went well, Rak continues to be used for comedic relief, and Yuri’s lackeys speak with Hansung. I’m not entirely sure what was happening there either, and how did the big guy with the hammer appear where Yuri was and kill Ren? Teleportation?

Ren sends the Bull to Bam and Rachel and while he got hurt in the process, Bam was able to defeat it with his Shinsu that got a bit of a powerup while they were in the bubble. Like I said, I saw the Rachel betrayal coming a mile away. Her responses were too distant and…well, they were barely responses because she would only say “Yeah…” and nothing more because Bam did all the talking. And my goodness, him hamming it up was driving me crazy. I’ll help you climb the tower, Rachel. We’ll watch the stars together. Wow, I feel power welling up inside of me, you too? Uh oh, are you okay? Don’t worry, I’m here for you.

Over and over…and over…and over. Bam is sweet but when he’s with Rachel he becomes TOO sweet to the point it gets really tiring. Rachel pushing Bam off the bubble was just something where I went “Ha! Yup. Saw that coming.” and nothing more. Two problems: 1.) There were already people talking crap about Rachel is discussion forums so they basically hinted that something was going to happen. They also didn’t hide their disdain for Rachel. Looking at discussion forums is fun but it’s a lot less fun when people do this. And 2.) This is my personal opinion, but I still don’t care about Bam. :/

12 episodes in and I still feel zero attachment to Bam, so him getting betrayed didn’t illicit any emotional response from me. I guess I feel bad for him, but not to the point where I feel sad. Rachel as a character intrigues me, but I don’t exactly hate or like her either. So the betrayal was just…a scene. It sucks saying that but it’s true, and that’s basically how I’ve felt for the entirety of this show. It’s just…eh. Yeah, there are some pretty good scenes and some interesting things here and there but nothing to make me super excited. We’re going to get the finale next week, which is the end of the prologue apparently, and I don’t think we’ll get much explanation about anything. The episode will most likely just center on Bam, his thoughts, his emotions, and whatever power explosion he’ll have so he can save himself and get out of there.

It was an okay episode, mostly because of Yuri. We’ll see how the show will end and whether there’ll be a second season announced, and I just have a feeling that they will.


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