Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Episode 7

This week’s episode was a fantastic example of how to keep the plot rolling while the main protagonist is stuck biding his time in a detention center, where he understandably can’t do much outside of well…duel.

So let’s start with the plot details, because that’s where all the juicy stuff is at! So Godwin actually carries out his promise and takes Jack to a top secret location where he reveals the true incarnation of the Public Maintenance Department. He went on to reveal and explain they have inherited the power of the people of the stars, who brings peace the world through the organization known as “Illaster”, originating 3000 years ago in the Andes Mountains of South America. They have influence on the government, economy, military and everything that controls the world since its run by people who have sworn allegiance to them. Godwin himself is one of them, as he claims to be the 360th Star Guardian. As such it is his job to search for the Crimson Dragon’s Signers, whose purpose are to resurrect the Crimson Dragon so they can fend off the Evil God that is said to eventually resurrect after having been sealed away in the Nazca lines. They are able to identify they are signers by the marks on their arms. Jack bears the mark of the Crimson Dragon’s Wings, and Yusei has the “Tail” (but unlike Jack who had it all his life, Yusei’s mark is new or perhaps was never visible until recently before fading away again).

But man, did anyone else scoff when Godwin described Neo Domino City as the “utopia” of peace? I mean really, an utopia? That’s rich coming from him who has done absolutely nothing to support those who hail from Satellite– unless they are a Signer (ie: Jack). So sure, he may have been able to put together a “perfect city”, but at what what cost? 

It also explains further why he has instructed security to keep close tabs on Yusei, and send him any reports if they notice anything while engaged in a duel.

And that leads us back to the the match against Yusei and Himuro. It was great to see how amazing Yanagi’s deck could be when they are in the hands of an experienced duelist who understands and respects their potential. The card which led Yusei to victory was actually the one he drawn on his first turn, a spell card: Triangle O. It became the center piece of the strategy of redirecting the damage that otherwise been inflicted onto him to his opponent instead. Of course it came with a risk, but Yusei was confident he would be able to fulfill the conditions that requires Crystal Skull, Ashoka Pillar and Cabrera Stone to be all on his field in order to carry it out. Luckily, Cabrera showed up.

Although it was super cheesy of him to say the cards Yanagi had gathered are Crystal Skull’s friends, I thought it was adorable. This episode also reminded me why I have always liked to say Yusei is a “The Cards’ Whisperer”. He doesn’t just believe in their value and purpose, but their feelings as well. After-all, he said things like, “The card answered me.” and “I just fulfilled the wishes of the cards”. WHAT A SWEETHEART!!!!! And can we appreciate the gentleness in the tone of voice ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s just so full of warmth I love Yusei so much! <3

Since Yusei turned out to be someone who knew what he was doing, Himuro ended up having fun with the duel. It was cool of him to be upfront and tell Yusei he has the potential to become a pro duelist, so it was nice to see he wasn’t a sore-loser about it. Better yet, he even apologized to Yanagi for being an jerk for stomping on his cards. It was interesting though to see his brief background story. After he was defeated by Jack (who later went on to defeat the King at the time, but not before trash-talking Himuro), miserable he went into the underground and competed in illegal duels and developed other bad habits such as drinking, which is how he ended up in the Detention Center.

Although Yusei has defeated Himuro and is not only on his good side, but now in the position to gain influence among the inmates, he still has the security folks to worry about. Those smirks at the end about the Chief wanting to have a “word” with Yusei have trouble written all over their faces, ugh…

That’s all for now, see you next week!


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