Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 8

…Whelp, I honestly don’t have much or anything good to say about this episode. I just wished they didn’t spent the entire episode on a freaking duel that was unfortunately a complete absolute snooze fest. Aside from the introduction (in this series anyways) of Field Spell and showing off Rook’s new monster Dragonic Slayer, that has a real slick design, this episode had little to offer and I struggled to sit through the entire thing.

Now that’s a badass dragon.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feel a bit frustrated about the lack of attention and progression in regards to the missing Stone Relic. It was good to see them show us that the group is looking for clues of how it may have disappeared, but I wish they would be spend a bit more time addressing it. (Especially since it was mysteriously never mentioned last week’s episode). Obviously Yuuga’s group are limited of what they can do at the moment, but it does feel like they are stalling out the plot on purpose. And a part of me wonders if it’s because they want to finish introducing the rules of the game. I have noticed they are taking their sweet time with it by delivering the information in pieces as opposed to dumping all the information on the audience at once. Of course that isn’t a bad thing, and it’s important to remember up until they they had been doing just fine– it’s just both episode 7 & 8 were unfortunately the weakest (and dumbest) episodes to date.

I mean, we all kind of expected to see Mimi’s son (Yoshio) sooner or later, but I definitely didn’t expect him to be the immediate follow up. The whole point of this was to “convince his mama” (Mimi) that Rush Duels are fun since she forbid him from playing it, threatening to never make him his favourite Napolitan spaghetti again.

Unfortunately unlike the Ramen Kid, Yoshio couldn’t be more bland and his favourite character from a television series was a Post-Apocalyptic Revolutionary King who calls himself, (have mercy on our souls…) “Good Max”. Surely, as someone who has watched YGO VRAINS, I was not the only one who cringed at the memory of “Brave Max”, ugh…

Anyhow, the only way I can see this event having an actual pay-off if it contributes to encouraging Mimi to risk her promotion she has been vying for in order to speak up in defense of Rush Duels. Not only would it promote growth for her character, but it could potentially help move the plot-along. That is really the only thing I can think of and hope for in order to make both their characters’ involvement worth-a-while.

That’s all I got to say about this one. Sadly this one didn’t do it for me. Unfortunately it looks like we’re likely to be sitting in for another “filler-like” episode next week. I would certainly like to be proven wrong, but if not, then I suspect we’re probably going to have to wait until around episode 10 – 13 (as per usual) before they finally start addressing the plot.

At least they are consistent with their jokes, as the two girls from school are still keeping tabs on Mimi stalking Yuuga’s group.


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4 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Rook’s monsters are the eye candies for me when watching this episode. Other than that, Yoshio is just meh character to me. And yeah, I also cringed at the “Good Max” name because it reminds me of…I don’t even want to mention it. Couldn’t they come up with a better name?

    In the end, in spite of her position at Goha Corp, Mimi is still a mother who loves her son and wants him to be happy. She better support him from now on in Rush Duel as a good mother.

    Now that Yoshio is revealed, I’m curious about Mimi’s husband. Is he also “child-like” like her? Or perhaps an adult suits his age unlike Mimi? If it’s the latter, he’ll have to be careful since if normal people hear him calling Mimi his wife, he’ll most likely mistaken as a pedophile.

    Looks like SEVENS will most likely follow the pattern of an anime that spent like a whole season focusing on comedies and all before moving on to the more serious stuff. Or maybe they’ll follow ZEXAL’s pattern. In any case, I won’t expect any serious stuff for anytime soon. Although, I really hope we’ll finally get to see our mysterious blond guy fully and quickly.

    • Eva says:

      IKR? I wished they hadn’t gone with that name.

      If Mimi’s husband is around, boy I sure hope he looks as young as her otherwise I mean— yeah let’s not go there thanks. They are already really pushing it with the explanation for her character design.

      Yeah we just gotta hang in there for a bit longer before the plot comes around, hahahaha! Hopefully next week’s episode will actually have more interesting characters and the humor clicks with me this time.

  2. Dave Aristide says:

    It continues to fascinate me how you and I seem to come from completely different places when watching Yu-Gi-Oh. Maybe that has to do with me being an actual player and thus more invested in the duels. If anything, I was more thrown off at how Yoshio – who is clearly a normal 4th grader – was able to portray himself as the adult-sized Good Max at all. And nobody mentions how weird that is. I found it more interesting how they took a moment to explain Field Spells and how they’re different from normal spells. Then it hits me: I haven’t seen a single quick-play or continuous spell in SEVENS so far, so I’m assuming they just aren’t a thing in Rush Duels.

    • Eva says:

      Oh I absolutely agree, it is quite facinating! You will definitely have a different and at times, better experience than those like me who only watch the series. A big part of that is because you understand the game better and you are able to catch references that I would otherwise miss, and/or reflect on your own personal strategies. But that’s what also cool about this series. It can be enjoyed by both players of the franchise and those who just enjoy watching for the story and charming characters. 🙂

      And I had the same reaction too when they first started explaining the Field Spells, hahaha!

      Yeah the whole adult-sized Good Max costume was, like Mimi’s appearance, didn’t cut it for me. It’s ironic in a way considering his mother struggles being mistaken as an Elementary Student and here he is in a adult-sized costume.

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