Enen no Shouboutai S2 Episode 3

We’re introduced to the new character that was teased in the opening and as soon as I saw her my immediate response was: She looks like Kim from Soul Eater. Not to mention the hoodie she wears looks suspiciously similar to Medusa’s, who is also in Soul Eater. This character feels like a dump truck of Soul Eater references lol. Anyways, it’s a race against the clock to try and “collect” the new pillar between the 8th and the White Clad. Though judging from how she acts and is portrayed in the opening, I highly doubt she’s going to join either side, much less the 8th.

I’m already kind of iffy on her character since she uses her ability to sniff out when and where fires will break out and use that opportunity to steal money. Already, I’m not the biggest fan of hers. Part of it being she reminds me of a character I really don’t like and the way she just takes advantage of things for personal gain is just… ugh. Though I feel like if she were to join a side, she’d most likely take Joker’s side since she doesn’t scream “protagonist” or full on “antagonist.” Anti-hero probably suits her best which Joker is. Especially since she is horrified over what the White Clad did to her “friend.” Also can we just talk about how BRUTAL that death was??? Even Rekka being shot through the chest was less brutal and detailed as that. WOW. That was probably the biggest shocker to me in this series lol. Like as soon as that guy put his hand on the guy’s shoulder I was like: whelp, this guy’s about to die. But I didn’t think it’d be that brutal. And I’m pretty sure the other guy in Inca’s gang didn’t make it out of there alive either. So rest in pieces to both of them.

Every episode, I’m just reminded at how bad character build ups are in this series. Inca is supposedly famous for beating fire forces to the scene, yet she was never hinted at or made small appearances beforehand. UGHHHHHH… And how the heck do they even know about this girl possibly being a pillar before they interact with her???? There’s just a lot of pacing and fluidity issues that exasperate me on an emotional level that it just becomes so tiring to talk about. Not to mention her power manifested rather abruptly, but that should be nothing new to this series.

Anyways, Shinra eventually joins the fight but gets absolutely tanked by Charon. I do like the trend of Shinra not being able to solo fights as much as he did in the first season, unless he suddenly finds the power to in the next episode. Though if that does happen, my soul will be sucked out of my body due to an overdose of exasperation. Speaking of Charon, his “humor” got really old really fast or just wasn’t that funny to begin with. Especially whenever he’s on screen, the same joke just happens again and again. If it happened just once, I think it would have been fine, but if the character is just characterized by their gag, then it’s not a very interesting character.

I said that I’d give this series three episodes and this is it. I’m more invested in other series that I’m posting about and I just can’t bring myself to write about this series any longer. This series burned me so much in season 1 that I don’t want to wait around to try and force myself to wait for this series to “get better.” It’s progressively getting harder and harder to write about this series when I don’t really like it all that much. Which makes writing about it hard because it feels like most of the time I’m just ranting and criticizing, which I don’t want to do. I’ll most likely continue watching it since it is a fun series to watch if I just turn my brain off as I’ve learned watching the episodes without subtitles so I can get screenshots. It was honestly more fun to watch if I don’t really know what’s happening in the story. Because this show is very visually appealing… when there aren’t any weird cuts. So as of now, this series is officially dropped.


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