Healin’ Good Precure Episode 15

This week with Healin’ Good Precure Nodoka and Rabirin have spat. Coming into this, I was wondering what it was going to revolve around, especially since the two were on especially good terms from the very start of the episode. And I have to say, I am quite pleased with the type of conflict they decided to use for it. It revolved around the situation where someone likes something that others don’t, and because of that they become self-conscious of it.

In this instance, we have Rabirin who instantly fell in love with the Lavendaruma plush, but quickly concealed her feelings when Nyatoran and Pegitan had commented about how ugly and uncool it was. She was super embarrassed about it, so she really didn’t want anyone to know about it, not even Nodoka. That’s why she even hid the flyer in a box under the bed and would look at it at night when nobody can see her (until Nodoka had caught her red-handed). But while Nodoka thought it was just as cute, the difference between the two was that she wasn’t afraid to show it off in front of others. Unfortunately she didn’t know that, so when she showed it to Hinata and Nyatoran, Rabirin was so mortified she ended up lashing out by pretending she didn’t like the thing.

And that’s exactly why I loved this spat. It’s super relatable. All of us have things we like that we are afraid to share with others because we’re embarrassed about it. We also all have various ways we react and respond to it. Rabirin’s outburst was one of many, but it’s something that most of us are all guilty of lashing out in a similar way at some point or another in our lives. While it’s nothing to be proud of, what I appreciated the most was the lesson that came out of it: Acknowledging that lashing out in such manner is not okay and it’s not fair to expect the other party to know that if you don’t tell them about your insecurity.

So I am happy to see Rabirin feel so remorseful for her actions. Not only she acknowledged she unfairly lashed out at her, she also made it clear that Nodoka had nothing to apologize for, and she was upset with herself that Nodoka beat her to the punch because she was too scared to do it first. It’s so important to recognize the root of the fault, otherwise the apology won’t hold up and it will never be properly resolved. It was such a nice touch to see them they realize that when they had talked about if there was any way to prevent future quarrels from happening. Better yet, I loved how the two of them went back to the lavender cafe to obtain more points so Nodoka could get her own plush. Now they each have one! <3

As for the consequences of their actions, I was quite pleased to see it was quite serious. I wasn’t sure if it was going to cause problems with the transformation, but just when things looked like it was going to be all fine and dandy, NOPE. DENIED. It love that it adds another layer of importance to the relationship between the Trainee and Girls. If their hearts are not aligned or at odds with each other, they will not be able to transform and use their power. But once they made up, they are back stronger than ever!

However if there’s one little thing to note, while making the mistake of letting the tension between them drag out, it allowed Daruizen to make some grounds. He even pointed out he had almost succeeded. Just remember, this guy is still lazying around and yet look how much progress he makes. And if I may add, (though I did mention it last week), he is smart enough not to get involved with Batetemouda, who is looking for ways to climb the ranks. He may be lazy, but he knows how to get stuff done.

Last but not least, I think we need to mention the MVP of the episode: LATTE! This pupper was the champ today by not putting up with anyone’s shit, especially not after the girls failed to transform when there’s a Mega-Pathogerm to take out! She made certain the two of them properly made up with each other. Her fierce glare just made me love her even more. Latte is typically seen acting as a quiet observer or getting herself into trouble, so seeing her actually take control of the situation was fantastic to see. And honestly, I would love to see this side of her some more!

Next week, an eternal tree and Batetemouda is back in action to stir up some more trouble!

PS: Rabirin’s expressions were all extra adorable this week.


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