Koi to Producer EVOL x LOVE Episode 2

She may be a nameless heroine, but man does girl have personality! I absolutely love how expressive her character is, there were so many instances where she was such mood, and it made it so much fun to watch!

After challenging the Victor, he decided he will give her another opportunity for them to consider sponsoring them again. To do so, she must fulfill two conditions. The first is to show him what she is capable of, and make sure the next episode is trending in the top 10 on social media. The second is to create comprehensive bushiness plan to back up her bold claim of how she will reach the top of the industry in five years. But even if she does that, it doesn’t mean he will automatically accept. He will re-evaluate and then made the decision. And honestly that’s what one should expect from a CEO, he isn’t going to hand her a second chance on a silver platter.

The first condition was fulfilled with the help of Professor Lucien serving as the program’s consultant and Kiro’s post on social media gone viral. Even though he can’t join the program at the moment, he can still help from afar and he nailed it. (Also I love he calls her Potato Chip Princess!).

Initially Miracle Finder’s theme for the broadcast was going to revolve around Warp-Boy’s Incidents. However the heroine wisely decided against going forward with trying to reveal the truth behind the Warp-Boy’s incidents, and the existence of Evolvers. After experiencing firsthand of the kind of case she had stuck her nose into (albeit she already had, but just didn’t fully understand the extent of it until now), she now has a better understanding of the risks and disruptions her program can cause for these individuals (and herself included) if she were to feature them. Furthermore, since Evolvers still not widely known among the public, instead they did a feature that addressed the concept by touching on the possibility of people with supernatural powers. It is a smart way to gradually warm the idea up to the public as opposed to just throwing it out there where either it will be regarded as folly, or create a great deal of unrest.

The heroine came to experience this when she went to the Police Department in hopes to gain some information based on those who have reported being caught up in the warp incidents. We learned in response to the emergence of Evolvers, the Police Department has formed a special task force dedicated to investigating Evolvers’ cases, and offer protection to those who are being pursued by people who want to exploit them. Today she worked with Detective Gavin who actually brought her to the crime scene and shared the full picture behind the incident.

He revealed Warp-Boy was someone who was kidnapped by an organization called Black Swan (which so happens to be featured in her father’s journal) and had recently escaped but stay away from home because he was afraid of putting his family in danger. In the end, Black Swan did take his family hostage, and order him to comply to their demands, one of which to teleport the heroine away from Gavin and kill her because she had witnessed them and the boy the other day. Luckily Gavin is a Wind Evolver, so he was able to quickly come to her rescue and arrest the grunt, but she may have bought just enough time by tripping over (of all things) considering the grunt stumbled forward and missed stabbing her!

It also turns out, Gavin is her senior from high-school! Back in the day he used to get into all sorts of trouble and fights, so he was the type of guy she would rather not get involved with at the time. It was hilarious how he caught her red-handed thinking he was bound to be in police custody and not the other-way around, but didn’t a fuss about it. But I can’t really blame her considering she had received a letter from him that looked to be covered in bloodstains (or paint– doesn’t matter– BOY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!). Considering she never opened it and stood him up, just watch it turn out to be a freaking confession letter! Although I have to say, considering how terrified she was, it was a pretty gutsy of move to stand him up! After-all, he totally had a crush on her as he liked to watch her play the piano. He freaking flew in the air just so he could!

Needless to say, Gavin definitely left a positive impression on me with his professionalism and good attitude towards her. Since she is now more deeply involved with the investigations of the Black Swan (well she was to begin with, but she didn’t fully understand the extent of just how dangerous their organization was until now), he gifted her a bracelet with a GPS tracker built into it. I’m really glad he actually told her that because sometimes we see character not know that until later on. Not only does it offer transparency, but it reinforces how important it is for her to carry it on her at all times. It’s a bonus that’s he’s a hella of a looker (well they all are, but I think I like Gavin’s design best, but I can’t really explain why ahahaha!)

Overall I have to say this episode left me feeling quite positive about the direction this show is going. Although the men are not particularly flashy in any way, their characters are already growing on me. It certainly helps that none of them have left me with a terrible first impression, such as obnoxious attitude. Say what you want about the Victor but he was not being nasty last week, he was simply being professional, and we saw more of that in this episode. (I will say the threat of moving up the deadline to the next day is a great way to spook people away from idle chatter HAHA!)

But if I could say one thing about Lucien, sir I’m sorry but I highly doubt it was a pure coincidence that you moved into the apartment next door of the heroine’s. And with Black Swan talking about awakening the Queen (in the post-credits if you missed it), and their goal to use her genes to bring about a greater evolution (oh boy…that sounds like a load of trouble), yes I have a a lot of reasons to be on guard with a scholar like him being close by.

Wouldn’t we all want to wrap ourselves in a blanket after seeing something like that.

The last point I would like to address is actually an important one. It appears the Heroine may have powers of her own. While she was working she suddenly had a very vivid dream of being pursued by a man with a knife, and sure enough later in the episode, that’s exactly what ended up happening. It could be that she actually possesses powers of a clairvoyant or perhaps she is able to foresee events where her life is at risk. I do recall Victor making that comment about Evolver when he was holding her, but I wasn’t entirely certain if he was referring to her or to the culprit who had pushed her into traffic. It would be interesting if Evolvers are able to sense each other’s powers, it would certainly be one way of keeping tabs on each other.

Anyhow looking forward to the next one! 😀


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