The God of High School – Episode 1 [First Impressions]


What a whirlwind of a first episode! There was so much energy and I’m already looking forward to what else this series will bring to the table. As someone who isn’t familiar with the source material and went into the episode with no idea what to expect, I definitely feel hyped for the upcoming episodes. There wasn’t a whole lot of world building, but that’s okay because we got plenty of high action moments, but I’m definitely hoping we’ll get some more backstory in the future (or if it’s just a bunch of really solid fight scenes? I guess I’d be pretty okay with that too.)

All around, I would describe this episode as fun and engaging. The opening scenes on the beach definitely got me intrigued especially with the supernatural occurrence / power. I liked Mori Jin’s introduction – he definitely seems like one of those overly confident protagonists, but he also doesn’t seem to be the type to take himself too seriously.  I am confused as to whether he has a supernatural power himself, or if he just happened to make up a story for the grandma who had her purse stolen, either way I am glad that they were able to use that event to introduce us to Daewi and Mira. Both of them seem pretty cool and I can’t wait to see them in all their action. And even then! I think that the action that we got in this episode was pretty great! It’s been a while since I’ve watched a series focused on fighting, that that brings the hype up for me even more!

Despite all the cool action that we got in this episode – I am a little bit worried about the pacing for the series. Throughout this episode, I feel as if there wasn’t really a chance for us to breath amid all the action that was going on. It was still fun and exciting to watch, but it made the introduction scene seem insignificant. Of course, we did get to learn their names, which is pretty helpful for a first episode, but we… really don’t know want makes them qualified to participate in this tournament. After finishing this premier I did take a moment to read the first 2 chapters of the Webtoon appears that this episode skipped over a lot of backstory most likely in favor of building up the hype for the tournament. I think it’s a little bit of a bummer, but it’s only the first episode and I hope they’ll include some more development in the next episode or two.

Overall, I have pretty high hopes for the series! The characters seem intriguing and we have plenty of growth that they can all go through! They’ve managed to break up the action with a bit of humor, and so far, it doesn’t seem to be too overwhelming. Just enough to catch you off guard for a quick laugh. I can’t wait to see what more The God of High School will bring!

Possibility of Watching: Very High!

Possibility of Blogging: Eh! It seems like there will be a lot of cool action, but I don’t know if there will be enough content to cover each week!!


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