Healin Good Precure Ep 17 & 18

Episode 17

When I watched episode 17 last week, I knew right away I was going to have to release this entry with Episode 18. While it was a great to see Chiyu and her family’s business in the spotlight and what she did to accommodate a young guest, I was stumped of to what to talk about. It was cute to see Pegitan’s competitive side where he constantly would beat Chiyu’s brother to all the tasks he was supposed to do himself. I couldn’t help but laugh because it depending on how you look at it, Pegitan played himself since he didn’t need to do all of that. I can’t imagine Chiyu’s little brother was too disappointed, unless he really wanted to participate (which in all fairness, he probably did).

It was also great to see Shindoine be more serious about the fight for once. While she didn’t attack the girls directly (still waiting on that), at least the Pathogerm certainly gave them quite a beating today! Other than that, nothing else really happened.  It was one of those type of episodes where I can’t really elaborate any further than that because it was pretty straight-forward.

Episode 18

Gosh this was such a wholesome episode. I will admit, it was a bit crazy with Nyatoran fall in love at first sight with Kusaka Orie, just opened an aromatherapy shop in their town. They never really explained why he fell in love with her (though if it was because of her teary eyes when she was looking at the candle, that’d be kinda weird…), but considering how it was never going to work out to begin with, it’s not something to fret about. rather, I am more impressed how how they went about it because it was so sweet! While Rabbirin and Pegitan were worried about a potential switch of partnership, Nodoka and Chiyu weren’t too concerned about that and Hinata didn’t even bat an eye when she realized that Nyatoran had a crush and was eager to support him! And what I loved was that it wasn’t just because she cares about him, but because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be so focused on one thing. I thought that so nice because it Hinata is that character who always thinks more about things than she lets on. Yes she gets distracted, but she notices things, that’s important too!

But poor lil’ dude, in the end the he didn’t give her the beaded gifts and love letter he had prepared for her because it turns out, she is already married! OOF, that’s rough buddy! Alas, never fear, Hinata got his back and is ready to help him through this heartbreak. Actually when that happened, I thought that he was going to give the gift to Hinata as a proof of their friendship since she went to such lengths to protect it from the Mega Pathogerm’s attack. I mean Hinata took a direct hit to make sure it wasn’t ruined. But I can understand why he didn’t, since the feelings he had while making it was not directed to her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nyatoran makes a brand new one just for her in the future.

Needless to say, Nyatoran and Hinata are fabulous partners. They are so cool and suit each other so well, and they are probably my favourite pair of the group at the moment.

Overall it these past few episodes focusing on each of the girls and their partners were all very fun to watch. None of them felt particularly draggy, but I would say Nodoka’s and Hinata’s were the ones that came out as the strongest. I think a lot of it had to do with a) character development and b) dabbles of plot progression. Chiyu’s episode was nice, but it is most forgetable one of the three. Not that it was bad or anything, it was simple so it doesn’t really stand out too much when you compare it to these Nodoka’s and Hinata/Nyatoran’s episodes.

Next week, it appears a new Precure will be making her appearance! Makes sense, since they were sure to draw attention to the upcoming revival of the Pathogerm King. It was subtle, but just the detail of panning up to the dark clouds where we would usually see him and the ominous sounds was enough to get me thinking it is going to happen very soon, perhaps a bit sooner than expected. It is the perfect storm with Latte in poor condition. However I do wonder whether it may be a flashback or not, or both even. If anything, they may use this time to elaborate further about the Legendary Precure’s historic fight with the Pathogerm King. I would certainly like to see that since the lore is deep enough to tie itself to the town! I suspect are also going to see Nodoka share a bit of her experiences with Latte, especially since it looks like the lil pup is feeling lonely to be away from her mother while she is suffering from a cold. I am looking forward to it!

Reminder: I am taking a break from Heartcatch Precure this week. I will resume the coverage next Sunday on August 9th! Thanks for understanding and I’ll see you next week!


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