Healin’ Good Precure Episode 19

YOOOOOOOOO. This episode was a doozy! I mean we all knew Batetemoda is insane, but he was straight up terrifying today. To go on about ways of how he was could kill Latte, I mean, that was some dark stuff right there. The girls unfortunately had jinxed themselves when Hinata thought she could use psychokinesis with the intentions to ward off the Pathogerms long enough until Latte recovers from her cold. Batetemoda. who is already a huge ego to begin was delighted at the idea that someone was thinking about them and Shindoine hit the bullseye when she said it was precure, which only made him even more enthusiastic to return their “passion”.

And the timing for it really couldn’t have been worse. It wasn’t just that Latte was sick and so she couldn’t detect the birth of a Pathogerm, but he struck at night, giving him an abundance of time to corrupt the area. It wasn’t until a hiker spotted the monster in the mountains and reported it that the girls became aware of its presence.

Frankly I am a bit surprised that there wasn’t enough time to produce a new parasite, in fact that was my biggest concern with this monster. We haven’t seen one fester as much as the one back in Episode 11, which I believe had less time to spread the disease than this one that had all night, but it is noticeably smaller compared to Daruizen’s. So maybe, there are certain conditions that needs to be fulfilled before a Parasite is born, or maybe how quickly they can grow depends on the the individual General’s strength. And since Batetemoda is still technically a new born, that may explain things.

Of course regardless of its size, since the Mega Pathogerm having already gained the kind of strength the girls had struggled with before, failing to heed each others warnings and acting out of desperation didn’t help their situation at all. In the end, thanks to Latte’s courage and determination to help them by putting her life on the line, the legendary precure came to their rescue.

Now… I have to admit, I am feeling quite uneasy and unsure about what I think about this development. Coming into this episode, the one thing I absolutely did not want to see was Latte becoming a Precure because I am just so done with fairies turning into Precures. That’s why I really like the concept of the partnership between the fairies and the girls. So naturally I figured Latte would eventually find a partner of her own. Then there was part where I had that train of thought from the previous episode’s preview that left me with the impression we were going to see the Legendary Precure. Lo and behold, turns out she shows up in the present.

And she is probably be here to stay.

….I don’t know I feel about that. I have a lot of concerns about it, and I feel like a lot things could go wrong unless they do it right. The two things that worry me the most are 1) her personality, because she would be a significant veteran at this, and 2) I would hate to see her overshadowing the girls because she’s so strong… So there is a part of me hoping she is either not necessarily the legendary precure herself, or at least is a temporary partner until Latte finds her true partner. I mean it’s not like she needs Latte to transform, she already can and she create an element bottle on her own! So there is that. The other and most obvious reason why I have my reservations about her potentially becoming a permanent addition to their team is that if she really is the same Legendary precure from the past, wouldn’t that make her super over-powered? I mean yes, they would probably nerf her powers— but then again she solo’d this Mega Pathogerm today and left the girls delivered the finishing blow… She didn’t have her harp on her so that’s probably why. Yeah, just thinking about it isn’t helping. It is too soon to say anything really.

Anyhow, we have to wait until next week to know for certain whether she is actually actually the same person who had partnership with Queen Teatinu. Yes they look exactly the same, but are they really the same person? On top of that, there is also a snippet in the preview that alludes to this girl actually being a fairy herself. If true, then that means she may have never been Human to begin with. So it’s understandable why the girls and trainees alike are so bewildered by her miraculous appearance.

Overall, despite my uneasiness about the new Precure, her design is still super pretty and this episode was solid. It was great to see more of Latte’s point of view, and I can understand why she struggled with feeling like she wasn’t very useful and how she wished she could support them better in their fights. It was definitely hard to watch Latte get hit and beaten by the Pathogerm because she has such a small body and she was not in good condition to begin with. It was incredibly brave of her to go after the Mega-Pathogerm, I was quite terrified of her being squashed but instead the monster just lightly (though maybe not exactly due to weight, but at least wasn’t a kick like Batemoda would have done if it were him!) cast her aside. She did get hurt, so luckily the new girl who saved them was able to heal her wounds (but not her cold, that’s something she needs to overcome herself).

I will say though, and I think it’s because I had just literally watched Heartcatch Precure like a day ago that the fight we saw today was kinda soft in blows compared to some of the strikes we have seen in the past episodes. There were a couple of times when I thought the intensity of the impact would be sharper, but some sequences when the girls were thrown into the ground didn’t quite deliver that. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but it’s not that big of a deal, this is merely just an observation, and it could just be me who thinks so.

Next week, looks like there will be yet another difficult fight for the girls to face, and the new girl is clearly not Human with the way she can fly out the window when she kidnaps Latte. As mentioned earlier, she may be a fairy so… yeah. We are going to have to wait any see what happens next.

Anyhow, let me know what you guys think because I am very curious to know what your thoughts are on the new girl.


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16 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 19

  1. I wont judge cure earth until i will see more of her in the next episodes even if she looks op

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if her backstory goes something like this:

    She was initially the human partner of Latte’s mother, but like so many of the big Good in the previous story she always knew the Pathogerms would rise and return more powerful than ever, so she decided to seal herself and her powers up into the statue we saw from the start and be present to help out should unforeseen events occur. Somehow, sealing herself up changed her constitution from being a human to a non-human which might explain the reference to her being a fairy. Unlike the previous Precures of Go!Princess Precure who created a fourth perfume bottle, she’s more like Shiny Luminous’s case or Cure Ace’s case of waiting out and appearing to put everything to an end once and more all. Meanwhile, her statue would be placed in the Healing Garden, where she would be protected undisturbed by the healing fairies’ world rather than shocking the Earth once she reawakens and spiritually lend her assistance to Lady Teatine. The Healing Garden treated the Pathogerms first before the battle moved to Earth so she would be in a better position there to see what transpires during her inactivity.

    1. That sounds very plausible, I wouldn’t be surprised either if that turns out to be the case. And if so, I wonder what has become of her abilities. Either she still need to develop her powers again, similarly to what the Pathogerm King is doing right now, or perhaps (though probably the least likely to happen): There is a limit to how much or how often she can use her powers, so she won’t be able to necessarily show up to every fight. Kind of like a cooldown on her up time? That could be interesting as it would mean they would have to be more strategic about it.

      1. I’d rather they not go down the time limit route-Cure Ace had a time limit and I personally think it was detrimental to the developments in DokiDoki. I really hope she’s not similar to Ace because…. while her true identity was somewhat cool I really disliked her as a character.

        If anything I’m hoping she’ll be like Black Clover’s Prince Lumiel and end up resting in peace at the end of the story. Or, if she’s truly just a powerful spirit maybe she’ll possess a modern-day girl who won’t have any memories of the PreCure once they separate and be like the case of the Silver King from K.

  3. Between the Queen’s dialogue in the garden and the way the light seemed to take over the screen in response to her plea, for a second I thought the new precure was the Queen in human form, possibly melded with the memory of her human partner or some other magical explanation. From the dialogue after Cure Earth appeared, however, I didn’t get the vibe that we were seeing a mother and daughter reunite, so I was probably wrong. It wasn’t until I read your recap and rewatched the preview that I saw where it seems Nodoka is referring to Cure Earth as a spirit/fairy. I’m not necessarily opposed. As long as it’s executed well and doesn’t derail everyone else’s development, I’ll be satisfied.

    1. Yup that’s pretty much it. I just don’t want this to derail the others who are amazing as they are. 🙁

  4. Dude, I was done with Fairies turning into Cures the FIRST time it happened. It was never a good idea. I don’t know why it keeps coming back. On the flipside, villians becoming cures is always a treat. Some of my favorite Cures of all time were villains.

    If the preview for next episode is anything to go by, Cure Earth is probably thinking that the Healin’ Good isn’t fit to take care of Latte anymore since if she didn’t get sick, this whole episode never would have happened. Can’t wait too see them explain away that one.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      Fairies to Precure = No thank you
      Villains to Precure = Yes I love it

      //If the preview for next episode is anything to go by, Cure Earth is probably thinking that the Healin’ Good isn’t fit to take care of Latte anymore since if she didn’t get sick//

      That’s exactly why I am not feeling too confident about this. OTL|||| I never liked it when the new girl swoops in and starts going on how the current trio/duo aren’t good enough. Those types of characters rarely grow on me.

      1. I mean, its not she would be wrong in saying that. Again, Latte getting sick was the catalyst for the whole episode. Even Rabirin was like “we didn’t pay enough attention.” If thats true, then it really is Healin’ Good’s fault that things got so bad that Cure Earth had to be “brought out of retirement” to bail them out. So if she wants to get on their case for not taking proper care of Latte, I think thats totally justified.

        1. That’s fair. And when you put it that way, if she were to say something along the lines of the sorts, oof, that raw truth would hit them where it hurts. And as long as she isn’t super obnoxious about, it won’t overshadow what she is trying to get across, which I think it is the most important part of executing this matter.

    2. Okay….certain fairies-turned-PreCure: beautiful designs, and sometimes I prefer theirs over the designs of the original group the series started with.


      For the record, not one fairy PreCure ever positively impacted the plot or contributed to the growth and development of human or villain PreCures. Half the time it was obvious their roles were like Arc V homage characters- just sell the toys and make money.

      And another thing- fairies for the majority of the series were meant to be the PreCures’ partners and allies, providing critical information and guidance. If a fairy can turn into a PreCure, what’s the purpose of having human PreCures? What’s the purpose of sending fairy partners to Earth if just enough amount of wishful thinking and effort can grant them abilities to transform into a human which opens up their potential to be a PreCure? Why are the previous generation a PreCure always human and all of a sudden the current team has fairy PreCure? If they keep on introducing more fairies-turned PreCures, then they’re defeating the original purpose of the show which is connecting the human world to a different world and contradicting their genre as a magical girl’s show.

  5. I think that the Cure Earth we saw in yesterday’s episode is just the spirit of the girl that used to be Queen Teatine’s partner from long ago. Kind of like Lumiere from KiraKira. When she shows up, she can speak, she can fight and even use her powers but she’s not “really” there, more like an astral projection if that makes sense. Its obvious from the leaks that because of this, she’ll have some complications in the real world, kind of like Kirarin in KiraKira who would always revert back into a fairy when she was hungry, lol.

    I think she used to be alive in the past and fought with Queen Teatine and then something happened where she either was sealed away, or she became the literal embodiment of the Earth, watching over the planet. Like the previous poster, V, said…maybe she was sealed on purpose to help out the future cures if they needed help or guidance. Guess we’ll see next week.

    And as for her “creating” an element bottle. I don’t think she did. I think that same bottle used to be hers from way back when and helped her transform when she was Queen Teatine’s partner and she just happened to still have it after all this time. I think it was the Queens wish and prayer that helped her transform this time. But now she needs a new partner to continue fighting and that will be Latte. Im excited!

    The only thing I’m slightly worried about is Toei pushing her in the spotlight and them forgetting about the other girls or giving Cure Earth all the development and nobody else now that she’s here. I wouldnt have been worried had not Covid happened cause it seem that their doing a good job so far with everyone getting equal character development but now, depending on how they finish this series, if it ends up having less episodes…most likely they’ll cut out filler episodes which would have been useful for the main trio to get more development. Their not gonna cut any of Earths stuff, they need to sell those toys, lol. So I’m a little worried about that but we’ll see.

    1. Yes taking over the spotlight is my primary concern as well. It’s always been very frustrating when they do that, in any show for that matter.

  6. While I like the villains becoming precures more but I never got why people have such an issue fairies becoming precure. Has it been done a lot? Yes but so has the villains becoming precure too. Even though I like it more, I even have to admit that it’s just as cliche and predictable. Feel free to disagree, I just never got why it was such an issue to people, especially when the villain to cure has been done just as many times. Sure the villain goes through a rougher development but so can a fairy if they’re treated properly. Look at Cure Beat, she was both a fairy and a villain and I think they handled her just fine! I blame more so the writers when they write the villain turn cures and the fairies poorly cuz there are tons of villain turn good guys that don’t always hit the mark due to simply poor writing and maybe it’s just with the fairies, maybe to many the writing for them is poor but it can be done right, just need the proper writers to get the job done.

    With that being said, this is much more interesting! I was thinking Cure Earth was gonna be some girl they hadn’t met before, maybe a descendant of the Legendary One, but the fact she is the Legendary Cure is very interesting and one that no one or at least most, would suspect. She’s here to stay for sure. She was spoiled before in merchandise and I think if there was gonna be another cure, there would have been spoilers for her too.

    As for if this is a good thing or a bad thing, I say it’s best to wait and see. There are probably gonna be episodes focused a lot on her simply so we as the audience and the Cures get to know her. I feel since she’s been sealed away, there’s definitely gonna be episodes where she gets use to the modern world cuz she’s clearly a fish out of water and that’s gonna take sometime. Hopefully, it will be done in away like with Towa, where they focus on her but also another Cure and that way both her friends and her get develop together.That way the other three don’t get left out. We shall see!

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Although there’s a variety of opinions on the matter, it’s not “wrong” for fairies to become precure, it all comes down to writers executing properly. But it does feel like more often than not, it doesn’t go well, so it ends up giving Fairies turned Precure a bad rep from the start more so than the cases of villains turned precures, which is unfortunate.

      Despite my reservations and uncertainty about how she may play out, I wholeheartedly agree with you that Cure Earth being the Legendary Precure is still an excellent twist since most of us didn’t see it coming.

      I too hope she will be done similarly as Towa’s character. She was well balanced, and as you said, was able to mesh with the girls together extremely well without hogging the spotlight. Not to mention she was adorable. In fact, I would say likability is probably one of the biggest factors with these type of characters, because it will make or break them varying on how they come across to us.

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