Now that Yusei has been blackmailed by Godwin into participating in the the Fortune Cup, he is given a bit more breathing room. Without the security like Ushio hot on his heels, Saiga was able to set him up a place to stay, a perfectly homey garage where he can have the space to tinker with his D-Wheel. Better yet Saiga has offered to go out and keep tabs on Rally and the gang, by personally traveling back to Satellite so he could investigate and keep tabs on their status. Yusei also had a chance to just chill out and relax for the day when Yanagi and Himuro were granted permission to have a day visit with him. It was nice to see three of them interact together again, but it was even better that Jack had showed up to return Stardust Dragon into Yusei’s hands. And I am glad that he did because besides the fact Yusei and Stardust Dragon have a role to play in the tournament to partake in summoning the Crimson Dragon, it certainly wouldn’t feel the same without it being in his hands either.

But most importantly, Jack returning Stardust Dragon into Yusei’s hands also meant handing over the key to the plot. As soon as Yusei got his dragon back, we saw how quickly everything came together. Before he left, Jack told him the Crimson Dragon they say that day was only the beginning, then we had the encounter with the Black Rose Witch, another fellow Signer whose arrival triggered Yusei’s mark to reappear for the first time since his duel against Jack at the arena. By doing so, this also enabled Yanagi to personally see Yusei’s mark, which serves as a far more concrete evidence for both him and Yusei to verify he is one of the Signer. This was especially important because for Yusei and the others, this was the missing piece to the puzzle about why Godwin is so obsessed with him.

Overall, even though this episode was fairly mellow (until the Black Rose Witch’s arrival), it was great to see the stage being set with everything coming together for the Fortune Cup. We also got to see Godwin introduce to use freaking Duel Assassins (good grief assassins? That’s what you are calling them? REALLY?), also didn’t help the to see Yeager laughing evilly to himself as he observed the encounter between the Black Rose and Yusei from above. God that was creepy.

I had actually forgot that the Black Rose Witch would only show up at the last minute of this episode, but it didn’t take anything away from the episode just because I was so excited to just see her again. Even though the Black Rose Witch only showed up at the end of the episode, despite her face remaining hidden behind the mask, not only did she have an dramatic entrance, they still managed to give us quite a bit of information about her. She is one of the five Signers Godwin is looking for, her powers are very real and explosive, and she loathes her mark. Also I absolutely love her getup because it oozes mysteriousness and makes her look even cooler. Too bad this is the only time we get to see it.

There were also several others moments in the episode that entertained me, such as Jack’s impeccable timing of interrupting Yusei’s and Himuro’s duel before they could even start (and the audacity he had to ignore him, gosh he’s so rude!), and Yusei spotting Lua and scolded him for coming to a sketchy area. I mean, he was right, it was no place for kids to be. It was even more stupid of them to be seeking a duel against the Black Rose Witch, who even before they encountered her for real, already had notorious rumors about her powers. Well they certainly learned the hard way. Maybe after this they would think twice about wanting to duel people who are said to be dangerous.

They also gave us a teaser with Lua about the Signer Mark as well. Those aren’t just eyes of shock, but one of recognition. They were quite crafty to tease the possibility of him being a Signer.

And lastly, my favourite scene, Yusei’s first meeting with the Black Rose Witch. Even in sight of her fearsome powers, and the pain from the mark he was in, he was still determination to get closer in hopes to meet her. You never forget your OTPs’ first meeting, gosh even as I write this, I still have stupid grin on my face, and I can’t help but giggle just thinking about it again. I love this ship so much!!!!


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  1. DMaster

    Ah, this episode. The one forever marred in the “western” consciousness because of the stupid dub. Believe it or not, for as much as Ms. Izayoi is still beloved amongst English-speaking viewers, the fact of her first appearance here is COMPLETELY overlooked because of a dub-ism establishing that a background character with no identity is “Joey’s cousin, Jesse Wheeler”. Stupid, STUPID 4Kids.

    But yes, it’s always great to see Aki. Here’s hoping you like her storyline. It’s…fine.

    1. Eva

      Aki is one of my all time favourite characters, so I’m thrilled to see her again haha. She has a special place in my heart. <3

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